Blankie #5 – A Baby Ripple

“Tangerine” and “Punch Fun”, the dainty-looking variegated, are both Bernat Baby Sport, while the soft green is Lion Brand’s Baby Soft “Pistachio”.

748 RIP org:grn cls

All from Ann of OK’s gift of last summer.

681 10-2nd-layer

Plus a few rows of white.

Peas and Carrots

748 RIP orng:grn


681 15-stwpnchtng

I wonder how the short dashes of color in “Punch Fun” would interact if I were to use it for both the warp and weft in a handwoven scarf. I predict a very pretty result!

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2 Responses to Blankie #5 – A Baby Ripple

  1. Ann says:

    Looks so pretty, just like I thought it would!

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