News – Some Old, Some New

The cute little Initiation floor looms that the nursing home and I bought back in December had no reeds. So, I ordered a brand new one, an 8 dent, the gauge needed for yarns like RHSS. – I know, shocking, me, thrifty Linda, buying new!! That’s only cuz the nursing home is picking up the tab as the reed will be for the Crochet Corner loom. –

Even though the reed was coming to me from the Canadian manufacturer, I was told it should still arrive at about the same time as the rest of our order: bobbins and a loom threading hook. While those made it here, all the from Spokane, Washington, in just two days, several more days passed without a new reed arriving. So Excited to introduce the Crochet Corner ladies to weaving on a floor loom, I decided to use the short piece of old 8 dent reed that was thrown in for free with the two full-length used reeds I got for my own Initiation loom.

749 threaded

As I did a short demonstration, I labeled crucial parts.

749 2labels

– That photo was staged after. LOOK! The ladies wove several inches during their first session. Yay!

A. was the first to give our new loom a try. Here she sits admiring her work.

749 3A-wvng

That’s S. waiting in the wings, holding a basket filled with the yarns she picked from our abundance of bits and pieces.

749 4bits

And here’s B, hard at work.

749 5B-weaving

Sadly, after only a few passes, she said her back had begun to hurt. But she’s able to weave for longer periods since I figured out how to lower the loom.

As soon as Linda, a nursing home employee, saw how much fun we were have weaving on a “real” loom, – her emphasis – she decided that she should buy one for herself! I offered to let her borrow one of my rigid heddle table looms. . . nope, she wanted one with “pedals”. . . if we could find a smaller one at a reasonable price, that is.

So when I saw a “Small Antique Floor Loom” listed in Ravelry’s Warped Weavers Marketplace for $40 (post #35571), I just had to show her the ad! Let me first say that I did tell her that she probably wouldn’t want this particular loom as it “needs some work, but most of the parts are there” and it lived two-and-a-half hours away. I simply thought considering a loom’s pros and cons would be good practice for us.

Turns out Linda loves antiques, so the driving distance swayed her from buying the loom far more than its poor condition. She wanted to know, maybe the seller would be willing to ship? ? I told her that, at that price, I couldn’t imagine anyone would want to bother. She heaved a mighty sigh. On her way back to work, she stopped at the front desk to speak with Sandy, one of the nursing home’s receptionists, who immediately volunteered to go and get the loom for her! And that’s how I find myself preparing to help refurbish a cute little 24″ antique floor loom. It’s at Linda’s house right now. But, having gotten Ellen’s OK, once it’s cleaned up, we’ll work on it together in the back corner of the rec room.

The loom came with two rusty old reeds, a 15 dent that doesn’t look too bad, and a 22 dent one that’s in horrible condition, brown with rust. Luckily, Linda doesn’t plan to work with fine thread so that one’s not very important to her, but she definitely needed at least one reed coarser than 15 dents per inch, so I volunteered to watch Ravelry and Craigslist.

It took a few weeks but, eventually, I came across used 6, 7 and 9 dent 24″ long reeds. They’re in good condition and the price was excellent, so she bought all three!

749 reeds

Spending so much time cruising Ravelry and Craigslist for reeds, I was sorely tempted by many other thrifty weaving toys. I was unable to withstand the charms of a 10″ rigid heddle loom by Beka. – $50 including shipping, which is 22% off the Amazon price. Not thrift store pricing, to be sure, but not bad!

Shipped from PA in its original box,

749 BEKAbox

my baby-sized loom arrived safely, in like-new condition!

749 BEKA

Came with a 10″ long 10 dent reed and a four-inch 8. Somewhere, I know I have a little longer 8 dent one. It would be nice to be able to weave something wider than 4″ out of worsted weight yarns, so I’m hoping that my reed-in-hiding measures somewhere between four and ten inches, the longest that will fit this loom.

Now I just need to decide what I’ll weave first. . . a set of colorful coasters? That would use up some of the t-shirt scraps left from creating potholder loops. A scarf? More satisfying for me but not something the ladies are likely to emulate anytime soon. – – Maybe the best answer is to simply weave both!

– Guess I kindof gave away that I’d soon be weaving a scarf, the way I drooled over that “Punch Fun” variegated yarn in my last post. lol. –

P.S. I’m thinking that if this little loom works well, DH and I will probably make a couple more for the ladies. 10″ rigid heddles in 8, 10, and 12 dent are available for $18 each.

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  1. This entry gives me big smiles.

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