#6 – A Lap Robe

This blankie features the two skeins of James C. Brett Marble MT43 which I received last fall from yarn fairy X.

692 9-2-#43

With it I used four miscellaneous shades of blue.

750 close-up

It’s a very dark and handsome blanket.

A Manly Granny

750 full view

But I also like this highly distorted version, provided by my digital camera!

750 wishful thinkin

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One Response to #6 – A Lap Robe

  1. Isn’t it funny (strange, weird) that blues are hard to duplicate accurately in photos? I’ve just finished a pretty crib blanket in teal, a very pretty light aqua, bright yellow, and a yellow-green (That is a combo I’d never think to use together, but it works. I got it from http://thecrochetcrowd.com/baby-boy-color-combination-2/). Anyway, every photo I took with my iPad or phone showed the teal and the aqua as royal or navy and baby blue. I took it to a friend’s house tonight, and even his nice fancy-smancy camera couldn’t get it right. He was able to manipulate the color a bit to make them come out almost right, but then that made the yellow look orange and the green look neon.

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