The Second Half

Here’s the rest of the yarns the ladies and I pulled from the Big Black Bag.

I looked each one up in Ravelry’s data base hoping to find some information about projects people have woven with it. In the process, I discovered that most were discontinued back in the 80’s. Makes me wonder how many stashes of similar age are hidden in the attics, sheds and garages that sit all around us!

First, the Blends.

751 blends

In no particular order:

8 skeins, aprox. 600 yards of Reynolds ‘Paloma’, a cotton boucle from Switzerland. – Should be in the Cotton Box, but there’s no room for it until I knit up a few more washcloths. –

751 1

Unger ‘Parma’ – 60 wool / 40 acetate – no yardage given – from Italy.

751 2

Two skeins of tan wool that I’ve since moved into the Wool Box.

751 3

Reynolds ‘Monique’, a Super Bulky which is 80 wool / 10 mohair / 10 vinyon ? – 900 yards – from France.

751 4

Reynolds ‘Velourette’ of 65 viscose / 35 cotton – no yardage given – from France.

751 5

Reynolds ‘Linaire’ – 55 linen / 25 cotton / 20 viscose – no yardage given – from France.

751 6

Unger ‘Allure’, a dress and sweater yarn of 79 wool / 21 rayon. 8 3/4 oz., 1250 yards each of lavender and white. – Made in the USA.

751 7

Berger du Nord, 255 yards of a thick and thin aran-weight, 55 linen / 25 cotton/ 20 viscose – from France. Found a lovely handwoven shawl in Ravelry with this yarn as part of a multi-colored warp, and a white cotton slub weft.

751 8

10 balls, 1040 yards, of Sunbeam ‘Shantung’, 65 silk / 35 wool – from England

751 9

Withdrawn as strong possibilities for weaving two summer scarves or shawls:

6 skeins of Schaffhauser Woole ‘Antiqua’, a marled blue with pink, peach and cream  worsted-weight boucle – from Switzerland

and 3 balls of Brunswick ‘Casablanca’, two of Cornflower, a light blue, and one of Stone wash, a purplish blue – from Italy

And then there’s the boxful of Cottons:

751 10 cottons

100% cotton, unless otherwise stated.

Berger du Nord ‘Cotonelle’, 900 yards of worsted weight – from France

751 11

Unger ‘Swing’ a Bulky boucle – from France

751 12

Twenty-four 150 yard balls of Patons ‘Cotton Top’, a thick and thin from Great Britain.

751 13

Gone missing – two skeins of lavender, like that at the lower left. Used it double stranded with #8 needles to knit washcloths for foster girls’ birthdays. I’m torn between using up several skeins of this at once to weave a baby blanket and knitting a zillion washcloths.

Next up is a mixed group. . .

upper left – one lavender and one tan of Reynolds ‘Fiesta’, a Bulky boucle

center top – 3 black, 2 navy Berger du Nord ‘Coton no. 5’, 75 yards/ball – from France

upper right – 2 deep blue and 1 off-white ‘Splendore’, a fingering weight mercerized cotton cable – from Italy

751 14

on the lower left – one 110 yard skein of peach Reynolds ‘Slique’, a one ply thick and thin sport-weight of 56 cotton / 44 viscose – from France

lower right – two black Unger ‘Riccione’ of dk weight 75 cotton / 25 rayon – from Italy

Another mixed group. . .

across the top – 7 balls of Melrose Designer’s 3 ‘Memory Eight’, a worsted weight 98 cotton / 2 stretch – made in the USA. I’ve seen some interesting weaving projects made by mixing stretchy/non-stretchy yarns in the warp. Once off the loom, the fabric resembles seersucker!

751 15lower left – one skein of Bernat ‘Gloucester Sport’. Surprisingly, this one comes from Brazil!

lower right – Double Cotton ‘Neveda’, a dk from Holland

I have no idea what we’re going to do with most of this. Weave many, many, many mixed warp scarves? I suppose the bulky yarns would be better suited to shawls or blankets.

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