A Belated Happy Easter to All!

I just received a concerned e-mail from one of my readers, which made me realize that two weeks have slipped by since my last post.

First off, I want you all to know that DH and I are both fine. It’s simply that blogging keeps getting pushed aside by other things.

Guess it’s pretty obvious that volunteering at the nursing home has become Priority #1. For some reason going twice a week seems to take at least three times as much time/energy as going once!

I fashioned a shuttle run out of cardboard for the nursing home’s floor loom. This means S, even with use of only one arm, can now weave on it independently!

752 cardbd ss

After a few adjustments, DH made a wooden version. Notice how it goes all the way across. The boat shuttle can no longer slip through the lower warp threads and drop to the floor, so no more crash, bang, ooow. YAY!

752 - shuttle shelf

The large orange numbered stickers remind us: #1. Pass boat shuttle, #2. Beat, #3L. and 3R. (on treadles) Switch feet, #4. Check that the sticky harness has dropped. These steps are also listed on the 3×5 card in the upper right corner of photo.

The bit of blue painter’s tape in lower right corner reminds that when your weaving reaches this point, it’s time to stop and advance the warp.

The single strand of orange yarn at bottom is part of our improvised paper clip/yarn temple (stretcher) which helps keep the handwoven cloth’s edges from pulling in, a common problem for new weavers.

Here you can see the weight which holds the yarn taut, a roll of pennies in a little zippered pouch. You can also catch a hint of the orange stickers on the treadles.

752 weight on stretcher

Right now, Priority #2, preparing to teach weaving classes at a little craft gallery, is taking at least as much time as #1. I’m SO EXCITED about the potential of this adventure!

I’ve been thinking about what type of classes I want to teach, writing up class descriptions for marketing, weaving samples, gathering/making tools for students etc. Plus, I decided that the vintage looms I already own are really too big/wide for beginners to learn on, so I’ve been watching for moderately priced 15″ looms on ebay and craigslist. I feel very fortunate to have found four so far, all for $60 or less! Those will be enough for my students (starting small), but I need one more for teacher.

#3 – Yep, still making blankets for foster kids. 🙂

Until next time,

Happy Hooking, Knitting, Weaving, or

Whatever Yarny Thing You Most Love to Do,


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