It’s Official – I’m a Weaving Teacher!

I taught my first weaving class Saturday, one-on-one with Linda, a nursing home employee, who recently received a vintage Peacock table loom for her birthday. – You can take a look through a Peacock instruction booklet, here. – The timing was perfect as I’m in the process of reviving my own little Peacock, a tag sale find, which we’ve carefully stored in our attic for the past 30 years.


A little elbow grease and Howard’s Feed-N-Wax – or, as I like to call it. . . “weed and feed” – and she’s almost as good as new.

Our class went well, for the most part. When Linda asked for a grade, I gave her a B+, while she thought that she’d earned only a C-. – Sounds like I wasn’t exactly pouring on the praise, eh? Must do better with that. – Haven’t heard back yet what grade she gave me, as a new weaving teacher. Hopefully she will fill out the review form that I gave her to take home. –

Still, I must find a better venue for my next local class. The nursing home’s Rec Room may be convenient but. . . SO Many Interruptions!! I didn’t realize just how inquisitive everyone would be: staff, residents and visitors alike.* Which would have been wonderful if my major objective had been to entertain and inform (like during a weaving demo) but not so good as I was trying to stick to a class outline and time schedule.

We started at 1:30 and I had expected to get through the entire weaving process: measure out a short/narrow warp, put it on loom, thread heddles and reed, weave a little sampler and finish with simple fringe, by about 6:30, having allowed what I thought was plenty of extra time for folks’ Q and A. Well, we quit at 9 p.m., having just started to weave. sigh. Live and learn!

This Saturday, April 23rd, I’m going to happily answer questions, from 1:00 – 5:00, as I demonstrate weaving at the Artisan Soul Gallery in Putnam, CT. Should be fun! There will also be knitting, spinning, – both spindle and wheel – angora bunny clipping and felting demonstrations as well as some opportunities for hands-on experiences. Children are welcome.

Visitors can participate in a Community Weaving Project and you can even weave a Mug Rug to take home!

I would love to see you there. Maybe you’d like to sign-up for one of my up-coming classes: A Weaving Adventure, Free-Style Stress-Free Weaving and Weaving 101.

P.S. Given more time and more looms, I would have invited them all to try their hand at weaving. Sounds like a nice way to spend a future weekend afternoon!

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4 Responses to It’s Official – I’m a Weaving Teacher!

  1. This is wonderful! Enjoy yourself.

  2. Helene says:

    What great news! Was concerned about your one-month-absence, but there were good reasons. I wish you all the best for your new task but pleeeese don’t forget us.

    • Thanks for your concern, Helene. Happy to be able to say both DH and I are Fine! 😀

      re: “your new task”. . . Ooooo, that sounds an awful lot like WORK; I hope my weaving classes will be FUN, for both students and teacher.

      I won’t make any promises as to frequency, but I do intend to keep blogging.

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