Blankie #7 of 2016

I combined these colors from the Crochet Corner yarn stash

754 sunny-yarns

with some of the Red Heart Shimmer that Karen of VA sent me last September.

754 sunny-sparkle yarn

Crocheting just ten sparkly rows,

754 sun-close

leaves enough Shimmer for me to use as an accent in some future blankie.

This blankie,

Sunshine on a COLD Spring Day

754 sun-full

will be returning to the nursing home as a prize for next month’s Bingo Party.

Maybe I should have named it, “Bingo!”

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2 Responses to Blankie #7 of 2016

  1. Sharon says:

    Hello! You have such a knack for choosing great colors to put together. So bright and sunshiny. Are you still making afghans for the foster children? Have a great day Linda.

    • Thank You, Sharon!. . . but really, it’s just turquoises and yellows.

      Yes, I am. Have a boxful of summer-weight Eyelet Ripples for babies that are waiting for me to weave in the ends. ;P

      I do a blankie out of the Crochet Corner yarn bin whenever it gets hard to put the lid on. lol

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