What a Cute Little Baby!

Here’s the newest addition to my family of Rigid Heddle Looms. . .

a used size A Easy Weaver, which I found on eBay.

Smaller, 17-1/2″ x 10″, and much lighter, than my 18″ x 18″ Bs,

this baby will be easier to tote around!

Although it can only weave fabric 6″ wide, (compared to about 14 1/2″ for the size B) that’s not a problem for demonstration purposes. What is a problem is the missing “shedmaker”. That’s what Harrisville calls the tall block of wood which serves as a heddle rest. . . near the middle of the larger loom. But DH says he can make one. Yay!

He has plenty of time to get that done. . . my next demo isn’t until August 5th, during Putnam, CT’s next First Friday.

Oh, I want to share with you the fun little bonuses that came with my new loom:

a 7 x 10 pegLoom,

which I suspect one of the Crochet Corner ladies will enjoy weaving on, (Found a couple of video tutorials: Part One, and Part Two.*. Looks like DH needs to make us a pick-up stick, maybe by tapering down one end of a wooden ruler.)

and a 1995 Harrisville Designs catalog!

Interesting to see that back then you could order Refill Warp Kits in SIX different color combinations for the Size A

and, on the right-hand page, three for the, then NEW, size B.

* More Information on Lap Looms:

  • First 2 min. of this video, from Schacht, talks about larger versions.
  • Double warp to weave with finer threads.
  • I like the over-sized wooden needle that comes with this one!
  • Note to Self: Could add legs to any frame loom as a way to display a finished weaving or work-in-progress.
  • Instruction Booklet – pdf
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