Everything Counts

It’s the beginning of August. By this time of year, I’ve usually (since 2011) shown you around 30 additional blankets that I’ve made for charity.

So far this year. . .

only eight!

Feeling that there’s still a small chance that I can catch up, I’m willing to count just about anything as a blankie.

The nursing home’s Rec. Department recently received a gift of all this sportweight yarn.

Remembering a bag of vintage Sport Spun that I had in my own charity stash,

757 vintage yarn

I figured I had enough neutral colors to make a little sportweight Ripple Wrap.

757 shwl8

Usually the Crochet Corner ladies who don’t enjoy the Rec. Room’s air conditioning bring their own jackets, but it’s going to be nice to have something available for those times when someone forgets.

2016’s Blankie #9

757 shwl2

How is everyone?

It’s been hot and muggy here in New England. DH and I were lucky enough to miss the recent 100 degree day, though. . . We were camping, with my sister, at the lovely Green Lakes State Park near Syracuse, NY. In the comparatively cool shade of our campsite, – Moved the picnic table every few hours to keep it in the shade. lol – I taught her how to weave. yay!

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2 Responses to Everything Counts

  1. AnnB says:

    Good to see a post about a blanket. I’m guessing the itch to make one was overwhelming. Did the yarn create that lovely subtle striping?
    Also enjoyed reading about the fun you are having with weaving (teaching your sister) and the Crochet Corner happenings.
    It all counts…..all of the above. Have fun above all else.

    • Hello Ann ~

      No itching going on here, other than mosquito bites I got while camping. lol . . I always keep a ripple in-progress within reach of “my chair”. 🙂

      Nope, not a self-striping yarn. I mixed the donated cream, beige and tan yarns with the ecru in that bag.

      Lots of weaving stuff going on: teach during the craft gallery’s Wed. Fiber Nites, do demos at monthly First Fridays, making more blanket strips for the kids and samples to illustrate various weaving techniques. (translation – whatever strikes my fancy).

      This afternoon I show the Crochet Corner ladies the giant “potholder” loom (about 2’x3′) that DH built so we can weave t-shirt rugs. Exciting!

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