Those of you who have followed alottastitches for a while know that few things make DH and I happier than figuring out how to make something for ourselves! A while ago that meant we turned old picture frames


into large potholder looms. YAY!

741 ta-dah!

This spring I gave you a quick look at the special boat shuttle we made for the Crochet Corner ladies to use with their “new” Initiation floor loom.

Now I’d like to take a minute to explain what makes it so “special”. . .

This is a traditional boat shuttle.

The pointy ends and slick finish make it very easy for this type of shuttle to slip between the lower layer of warp threads and go crashing to the floor! – I’m sure you can guess how I happen to know this. lol – And, if your hands happen to be arthritic or weakened by a stroke, getting a bobbin on/off its spring-loaded rod could be a real struggle.

I searched the web for boat shuttles that would work better. This is the cardboard prototype DH built from my rough sketches.

Notice – no rod!  Just pop in a yarn-filled bobbin and you’re ready to weave.

Compare the size of the circular hole in its side to the narrow slit on the traditional shuttle.

Which do you think will be easier to thread?!

And, instead of costing anywhere from $25 (used) to $100 (new), they’re free because DH used hardwood scraps (maple), some of which he salvaged from shipping pallets!


758 4A in proc

DH made three: one for me,

one for my friend, Linda,*

and one with pegs for the Crochet Corner ladies.

Those pegs are going to work as brakes to keep the shuttle from flying off the end of the wide shuttle shelf that he added to the nursing home’s loom.

I ordered a dozen durable 6″ plastic bobbins for the ladies, but for my personal use I’m going to cut down Milkshake Straws. – 25/$1.00.

758 6 2w:strws

By wrapping a thin rubber band round and round the shaft – The teeny tiny rubber bands used on braces would work real well here. Where’s a brace-wearing teen when you need one? –

I can get these large diameter straws to work with my Harrisville Designs bobbin winder. –

Easily crushed, these colorful bobbins aren’t going to last forever but, since I can get over 400 for the cost of 12 “real” ones, I don’t mind. – Gee, at that price I suppose I even can afford to share a few with Linda. HAha.

* In exchange, her DH is making a rag shuttle for the ladies!

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6 Responses to DIY

  1. AnnB says: Scroll down to see as small as 1/4 inch sizes. Your straws are 1/2 inch? I guess the inside diameter would need to be taken into account for your method of winding onto these ‘bobbins’. Love your ingenuity.

  2. AnnB says:

    One more, there is a great selection of orthodontic elastics on Amazon.

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