What a Great Idea!

Sorry to those of you who are watching for crochet news, but I thought another weaving post would be better than no post.

It was a looong time before I came across another thrift store picture frame suitable for turning into a large potholder loom.


But it was well worth the wait because. . . turns out this is a 12″ artist’s stretcher frame.

It would be so much easier to make potholder looms from frames of all the same style, I immediately wondered, how much do new stretchers sell for?

The best price I found on-line was $3.16 (79¢ x four 12″ bars) plus ? for shipping, during a Super Sale at Jerry’s Artarama. I was sure I could do better locally and boy, did I! Instead of buying DIY wooden bars or empty stretcher frames, I ended up with a pack of seven complete artist’s canvases for only $10 w/a coupon at Michael’s. That’s less than $1.45 each, thrifty frames without having to scour a single thrift store!

I’m thinking that, someday, I may want to use a few of these to display other small weavings made by the Crochet Corner ladies. – I could poke tiny holes through the canvas and attach the woven piece with fine wire twist-ties. Kindof like this. – so DH removed the canvas from just three frames to start, pulling about 24 staples from each. Then it was my turn. . . lots of holes to drill and nails to hammer in!

This all happened just in time as our newest weaver, B2, uses the potholder loom we made from that old quilt frame,

which temporarily left me without a potholder loom of my own.

That turned out not to matter much because with three ladies steadily weaving potholders and mug rugs (S alone makes at least three potholders per week.)

759 for sale

I’m spending more and more time turning tees into potholder loops!

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5 Responses to What a Great Idea!

  1. Such happy, colorful pads!

  2. AnnB says:

    It’s all stitches in some form or another. Whatever you (and hubby) are interested in enough to create/photograph and then write about is well worth the wait. Diversity is great. The nursing home participants would be few and far between if you stuck to only one interest. Inspiration for all ages.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, Ann, for such a thoughtful comment.

      Sometimes I’m saddened by how few participants my craft projects at the nursing home draw. But I can only give one-on-one guidance to a couple of newbies at a time anyway and I do notice that more and more residents drop by just to see what we’re up to and that’s good too. Anything that gives them an urge to become a little more active is good, in my mind.

  3. I love how generous you are of your time, talent, & treasure. Not only do you help make these beautiful projects… I am sure helping these people to create makes them feel better about themselves. Cheers to you! I miss your blog posts.

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