Tees for Potholders

Although several people around the nursing home have said they’d bring in their old tees for the ladies’ weaving projects, only Ellen, the recreation director, has actually delivered. Soooo. . . I continue to shop for cheap tees at Sal’s.

B has become such a great potholder saleswoman. She recently realized that if you can offer matching sets of two, or three, and are willing to take special orders you will sell many more.

(Above photo is of fellow volunteer, Ann, who drops by once in awhile to bind off potholders.)

Luckily, most potholders ordered are intended for Christmas giving, so we have plenty of time to make them. But one order that can’t wait is that of two black and silver-grey potholders for the cashier at Sal’s. She’s very anxious to see what we make with the dozens of t-shirts that I buy there!

Mostly I get the 29¢ tees,

hoping to find some with very little advertising.

Since it only takes a few tie-dyed loops to jazz up an entire potholder

I’ll pay up to 49¢ for tie-dyed tees, even in little kids’ sizes. Woo-hoo. . . I’m such a Big Spender!! lol.

I don’t often find garments other than tees priced that low but Sal’s has been slowly lowering the prices on their few remaining summer garments. I can’t wait to see what cute potholders we’ll be able to make from this 49¢ XL flowered knit top!

It’s always worth taking the time to look through the rack of men’s long-sleeved tees.

Yeah, there’s a huge ad on the front, but this tee’s XL-sized back is clear, plus there’s all that extra fabric in the long sleeves – and all for only 29¢. ha

More tees means more weaving fun to come for m’ladies. Yay!

Note to Self: Must remember to cut strips from that flowered top vertically, rather than horizontally so once stretched on the loom they will curl to let us see the pretty printed side of the fabric. Strips cut horizontally will curl in the opposite direction, which usually works out well as the inside of a used tee often looks better than the outside.

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