Three $3.00 Bags

It’s far from obvious in this photo but, I actually included at least two novelty yarns in each tote’s handwoven panel.

761 totes-1-4

Doing this project made me view the two very large baskets of novelty yarns that I stumbled upon in front of a very tiny yarn shop in a much more favorable light. Well, this project and the yarns’ price. . . fill a gallon-sized Ziploc for $3.00!

FYI: three gallons = 42 skeins and balls! (for yarn details see “sidewalk sale” in my Ravelry stash)

I couldn’t figure out why I alone was digging through those baskets! A couple of women paused, but only long enough to fondle a ball or two before walking away. Where did they find the willpower? Granted there was only one or two balls or skeins of many of the yarns but, at that price, So What!?! (the math. . . $9.00 ÷ 42 = 21¢ per ball/skein!!)

I almost stopped after filling the first bag with my favorites but then I thought, “When will I ever have this kind of opportunity again?!”, and proceeded to fill two more with yarns I liked a little less.

This, as we all know, is the kind of thinking that results in SABLE. lol

BTW – I flattened the few cardboard cores so they’d take up less room.

And squeezed out some air to get the bags zipped. lol

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2 Responses to Three $3.00 Bags

  1. Donna says:

    Wow! All that for $9! I don’t know if I could have stopped at 3 bags! 🙂 Those will be great for your totes!

    • Funny, the remaining skeins weren’t at all tempting to me – fun fur, bleh colors, or duplicates of skeins I had chosen.

      Good thing I felt sated having filled three because I was unaware that the cashier was anxiously waiting, ready to close up for the day. :S

      “Those will be great for your totes!” – exactly what I was thinking!!

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