Crochet Corner – or – Weaving Central?

Weaving on CDs was such a big hit at the craft gallery demo this spring, I had to share the idea with the Crochet Corner ladies!

I was especially pleased to see 98 year-old M enjoying this little project

as she usually sticks with simply rolling balls of yarn. Here she unravels a sportweight cashmere sweater that I found at a thrift.

A few of the ladies have been weaving on a little larger diameter of circular loom, which I create from plastic picnic plates, by cutting an odd number of slits around the rim.

We use wooden weaving “needles” that I made from tongue depressors. After a little sanding, they work very well!


This is the sample I briefly showed to give the ladies some idea of what they could expect of their lowly plastic plate looms.

I had thought, being made of plastic plates and acrylic yarns, these weavings could decorate the patio area right outside the Rec Room but the ladies seem to consider them too precious to be exposed to a harsh New England winter. – smile –

Here’s B’s work-in-progress.

She’d like to add some beads. I’ll dig around at home but I think all I have are pony, Perler, and tiny seed beads. I’m hoping Sal’s will come to my rescue.

M3 is about to begin her first mug rug.

While almost everyone has at least given weaving on the floor loom a try, only S is sticking with it. Progress is slow as each step in the weaving process takes deliberate thought and leg muscles soon grow tired of operating the loom’s treadles. To sneakily speed things along I add a black stripe at the end of each session.

I took this photo back when the weaving had just reached 36″ in length, a milestone. Yay!

We’re nearing the end now. While S seems content with the idea of it decorating the patio fence, Ellen keeps talking about where in the Rec Room it might hang, again reflecting the notion that handweavings are too precious to go outdoors. – smile –

It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten what length of warp I put on the loom and that satin measuring ribbon got wound around the front beam along with the woven cloth months ago. – lol – Maybe there will be enough fabric to make banners for both fence and Rec Room!

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2 Responses to Crochet Corner – or – Weaving Central?

  1. AnnB says:

    Maybe Yarn Central as it would cover fabric creations in all forms. So much fun. I hope if I ever have to live in a nursing home, but can still use my mind and hands, that someone as lovely as you will provide all these forms of fun to choose from. That is, if I or my family hasn’t already provided tools and yarns to keep me busy and happy.

    • I’ve noticed that Ellen keeps changing what she puts on the nursing home activity calendar. For awhile it was “Weaving Time”. This week,”Yarn Play”! 🙂

      “someone as lovely as you”. . . Thank you, you’re too sweet.

      Yes, I think I would be alright, given enough yarn, tools and the internet. . . and Books, Must have access to New Books!!

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