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Replenishing the Ripple Stash

Thanks to the many generous people who have contributed, my stash of acrylics for charity blankets, seen here freshly reorganized in our attic, is extensive. – I am blessed. – But, as large as my stash may be, with plenty … Continue reading

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Wayward Yarn

Look at what landed on my front porch the other day. That’s right – a large box of disposable diapers. Emily doesn’t seem at all puzzled by this. Frankly, I think she’s in love. No, I don’t have a grandchild … Continue reading

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Mmmm. Sherbet!

Apparently the local charity that delivers my ripples to DCF received an Enormous donation of yarn, because – look at what they gave me last week! An influx of new colors for my charity stash is deeply appreciated. And. . … Continue reading

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I was flabbergasted late on Friday to read that my yarn fairy, Sandi of Maryland, was sending me another box of charity yarn! Here’s my post about the last one. The next morning, before I’d had the chance to respond … Continue reading

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My apologies to those of you who have already read this post. It ‘unexpectedly’, haha, went live for a few hours last Friday morning. Guess I hit the wrong button. :S I ran into ACMoore the other day with a … Continue reading

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Just Peachy!

I just got this 32-inch square Peach blanket at Sal’s, the Salvation Army thrift store, for only $1.50 (half-price)! It’s a single crochet ripple, which makes it heavy for such a small blanket, weighing almost one and a half pounds. … Continue reading

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2012 Ripple of the Week #11

Reviewing 2011’s ripples, my attention was grabbed by the Bold stripes in Ripple #39, Peonies! I crocheted them in three shades from dark burgundy to rose and the single-row stripes are a fourth, pale pink. I repeated some of #39’s … Continue reading

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