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Blankie #8 of 2016

For years I’ve talked about wanting to try my hand at weaving, instead of crocheting, a charity blanket. Well. . . I finally did it! Since this was my first attempt, I used yarns from the scrap box for the … Continue reading

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#23 – Thinking in Green and Pink

My usual yarn “formula”, simply estimating that I’ll get 3.33 ripple rows per ounce, served me very well on this blanket. Look at how little yarn I had left! – For comparison, the ‘large’ ball of mint green weighs about … Continue reading

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Ripple #19 of 2015 – To Satisfy My Sweet Tooth

Can you ever have too much cotton candy? I think not. I went with a simpler design using only three colors this time. Cotton Candy II and the original. . .

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#1 – Legos

Happy New Year! One way that I celebrate the beginning of a new year is by turning the alottastitches blanket count back to #1. If I’d let the meter roll continuously since I started this blog in December 2010, we … Continue reading

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#50 – Thanks to a Striped Towel

I really liked the colors in this striped towel, another that I clipped from the old L.L. Bean catalog. But once I started playing around with actual skeins of yarn, I made a few changes, substituting a dark teal for … Continue reading

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#41 – More Little Grey Stripes

Remembering how much I liked the contrast of the narrow grey stripes in this June’s “Dawn on a Rainy Day”, I thought I’d give them a second try. As is often the case when I use several partial skeins, the … Continue reading

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Ripple #37 – A Blue One

Technically, since there’s off-white in it, this ripple can’t be considered part of my All-Blue Series, but it still helped me to burn through a bit more of my overabundance of navy and light blue yarns. I used an RHSS … Continue reading

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