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Mmmm. Sherbet!

Apparently the local charity that delivers my ripples to DCF received an Enormous donation of yarn, because – look at what they gave me last week! An influx of new colors for my charity stash is deeply appreciated. And. . … Continue reading

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An Anonymous Yarn Fairy

Because I mentioned that I was going to crochet some Christmas blankets for the foster kids, the charity group set aside lots of Christmasy yarns for me when they divvied up a Big Donation of Yarn. Thanks! More Christmas yarn … Continue reading

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An Annual Autumn Tag Sale

The local historical society holds a tag sale every October. Here’s a post about last year’s sale. At this year’s I grabbed a comforter bag filled with yarn, the one I’d spied from the sidelines while waiting for the sale … Continue reading

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Three Bagsful

Three bags of goodies were waiting for me at the library when I recently dropped off some more summer baby blankets. One held eleven pounds of used crayons, already sorted, which I’ll turn into Rainbow Crayons. I must finish a … Continue reading

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Catching Up

Savers stores hold half-off sales only about once a month. I showed you one half-off haul on Friday and yet have another ready to show you today. Obviously I’ve fallen seriously behind on showing you my fiber and crafts finds! … Continue reading

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I was flabbergasted late on Friday to read that my yarn fairy, Sandi of Maryland, was sending me another box of charity yarn! Here’s my post about the last one. The next morning, before I’d had the chance to respond … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this package to arrive for a couple of weeks now. I never expected it to come by Air, let alone by “Royal” Mail!! lol. A Ravelry member offered one of my dear readers yarn for … Continue reading

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Emily and I heard a hard Thud! at the front of the house the other day and we wondered, what in the world it could be? Surely the box of yarn I’ve been expecting couldn’t make that much noise, could … Continue reading

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My apologies to those of you who have already read this post. It ‘unexpectedly’, haha, went live for a few hours last Friday morning. Guess I hit the wrong button. :S I ran into ACMoore the other day with a … Continue reading

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Many Mushrooms

As often happens when working on a scrap project, I have plenty of some shades and not nearly enough of others, so I’ve pulled some skeins from my stash to fill the largest gaps. The most unusual is Mary Maxim’s … Continue reading

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