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Blanket in Need of a Name

HELP!! I’ve called this blanket my ‘Mini-Scrap Granny’ for so long I’m having a hard time coming up with a new name and it deserves a much prettier one, one that could help increase its perceived value at auction. ‘Mini-Scrap … Continue reading

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A Better Border

Ready to re-do the border on my Mini-Scrap Granny I removed the partial round of RHSS ‘Tealeaf’, as well as the earlier limpy-wimpy ‘Light Yellow Green’ granny cluster round. Before ~ I redid the round ‘Light Yellow Green’ but in … Continue reading

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Finally – The Thrifty Granny’s Ta-Dah!

It’s done, it’s done, it’s DONE! Wa-whoo!! It’s so satisfying to have at last finished turning the cast-off granny squares that I found in a local thrift shop during September 2011 into a Big, Warm and Wonderful Blanket! DH is … Continue reading

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Mini-Scrap Progress

I’m happy to report that not only do I have the minimum of 150 granny squares finished, 75 each of one-round and two-round squares, that I need for a ten square by fifteen square granny afghan, but I have many … Continue reading

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Christmas in Grannies – an Update

I’m enjoying the process of making this granny, one little square at a time. Watching the tiny scrap balls of yarn disappear is fun! Seeing the cheery blanket emerge is even better! You might want to savor this next shot … Continue reading

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Even Tiny Yarn Scraps Can Grow Up to Be Afghans

Most people don’t want to waste even the tiniest pieces of a broken candy cane, so they use them to flavor their hot chocolate or ice cream. Likewise, I didn’t want to throw away the little balls of red, green … Continue reading

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I Waited for Just the Right Yarn

Found: one 36″ granny square crocheted with three shades of blue, in beautiful condition. I bought it back in August at Sal’s, the Salvation Army Thrift Store, for just $1.49! I could have given it to the nursing home to … Continue reading

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A Bowlful of Granny Blossoms

I’ve finished crocheting all one hundred and forty blossoms needed for my new long-term project, the Flower Garden Granny, and more. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of every color. If only every step of the project could … Continue reading

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Starting a New Granny

My delight over the recently finished “Cool Jewels” granny has led me to immediately start on another! I can’t stop thinking about a pastel flower garden granny, crocheted, once again, with Purl Bee’s classic granny square pattern. I’ve imagined the … Continue reading

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Presenting… Cool Jewels!

There’s something very special about the unveiling of a long-term project. You didn’t hear my loud sigh of satisfaction as I unfurled this blanket at its moment of completion. You weren’t there when I shared the marvel of its smoothness … Continue reading

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