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Blankie* #1 of 2016

My first ripple of the New Year was inspired by this one, which was made for Project Linus by Diana, known as “iskydive2” in Ravelry. Oops. DH made that photo smaller than usual. As long as he was going to … Continue reading

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#42 is for Halloween

What better excuse could I have for making an all-orange ripple? I started with all the misc. oranges that have collected in my scrap box, 7 ounces of a deep orange and 8 ounces of a very bright orange. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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#49 – Ta-Dah! – an Express V-Stitch Ripple

In the United States, today is Veterans Day. In honor of all the veterans of our armed forces, I’m calling my first v-stitch afghan, ‘V is for Victory!’ As I expected, I loooove this blanket! The v-stitches give it more … Continue reading

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2012 #48 – Parrots in the Jungle – A Lap Robe

Why a Lap Robe instead of my usual child’s blanket? Because I haven’t had much experience crocheting ripples out of sport-weight yarns! lol. I don’t intentionally buy sport yarn, but sometimes it’s included in a box of mostly worsted weight … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #28 – Melonberry

Melonberry, Red Heart’s name for this Super Saver variegated yarn, also fits this yummy looking Wriggly Ripple! It’s only the fourth one that I’ve made from my own Wriggly Ripple pattern. I also included Red Heart Super Saver Aran, Medium … Continue reading

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Another Scrappy Ripple of the Week – #16 – Waves

Yet another trip to the yarn scrap box made me realize my next ripple had to be a blue one cuz I had way over two pounds of blue scraps in there! Since a child-sized ripple (35″ x 54″) uses … Continue reading

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Scrimple Ripple of the Week #15

I’m continuing to work out of the overflowing box of little balls of scrap yarn. A couple of weeks ago I shared how I came up with the Scrandom Ripple Plan. I thought you might like to read about the … Continue reading

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