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Happy Halloween!

I crocheted some pumpkin pins to share with folks at the nursing home. It was so much fun to run around offering them to everybody – residents and visitors alike. Silly pins really bring out the smiles! My thanks to … Continue reading

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It’s Done!!

I learned an important lesson about making tarn (t-shirt yarn) while preparing to start our new kitchen rug. Two of the t-shirts had side seams so I couldn’t just cut looong spiraling strips from a t-shirt’s hem up to the … Continue reading

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How About Another?

My apologies to any of you who caught this post’s short “sneak preview” on Wednesday morning. I was supposed to have moved it ahead one notch to today when I added the post about having lunch with Anastacia. Oops. I … Continue reading

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More Like Five-and-a-Half Old T-Shirts

Our new t-shirt bathmat is so cushy, smooshy, comfy, so much nicer on the bare feet than our old terry cloth one! And since it’s 100% cotton it’s very absorbent, but I think the rather loosely knitted fabric will still … Continue reading

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Eleven Old T-Shirts

I discovered the Ravelry group, Got T-Shirt Yarn?, a couple of years ago and started saving every t-shirt that we no longer wear. DH has lost weight so he contributed several. I really want to try the pattern, Bridgetown T-shirt Rug, … Continue reading

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