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A Bounty of Blankets

It had been a looong time since I’ve seen a nice-looking yet reasonably priced crocheted or knitted blanket at a thrift store. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I snagged TWO on the same day! Not only that, I paid … Continue reading

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The End of Winter

My local Salvation Army store celebrated the End of Winter with an unannounced sale. With the 50% mark down on all winter clothing and accessories, I was extra thorough as I swept through the racks, yet I found nothing for … Continue reading

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No Wonder!

It turns out that the Christmas blanket/rug was crocheted with double and, sometimes, even triple strands of sportweight yarn. No wonder it was so Dense!! With DH’s help I now have plenty of red/green/white variegated yardage, some with a fine … Continue reading

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Any Excuse is a Good Excuse

The thrift store closest to where we live is, sadly, in the opposite direction from our usual driving routes, so whenever I have excuse reason to go that way I try to allow time for a visit. I’m so glad … Continue reading

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A Sudden Downpour. . . of Yarn

I’ve been so busy working on and writing about all these new ripple patterns that I’m way behind on telling you about my thrift store finds! Around Veterans Day, Savers held a 50% off sale for their card-holding members. DH … Continue reading

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