Ripple of the Week #17 – Blackberry Pie

This ripple, also be known as Plum Pudding III, is the third one I’ve made with the RHSS ‘Plum Pudding’ variegated yarn from my yarn fairy, Sandi.

407A 4 skeins variegated yarn

This one’s particularly Red Heart-intensive, as it also has RHSS ‘Dark Orchid’, ‘Petal Pink’ and what I think is ‘Light Raspberry’ in it!

431 close-up

Although doing so many one-row stripes really slowed me down, it was worth it!

431 full view

I want to say it’s the best of the three, by far,

– As a reminder, here are pics of Plum Puddings I and II. –

0-LLC-fullview1419 full view

but like any good mother, I’ll just say, “They’re each special in their own way.”

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9 Responses to Ripple of the Week #17 – Blackberry Pie

  1. I agree. Each is lovely in its own way. Plum Pudding sure produced some gorgeous, girlie, purple ripples! So pretty!

  2. Renee says:

    Blackberry pie? hmmmmm where’s the Ice Cream???

  3. another Sharon (sharonb42 says:

    I agree it’s the best of the three. I hate changing colors every row but it always looks so great sometimes it’s worth it.

    • Oh, Shhh!
      Now you’ve gone and made the other two feel bad. lol.

      Funny, I don’t mind the color changing itself, I just mind how much time it takes.
      That’s definitely not the case with working in yarn ends tho’. ugh.

  4. Love the b pie. I have to say, I’m certain it would look even better draped over my legs on these cold autumn nights while I crochet on the couch and watch tv 🙂

    • So sorry to give you bad news, Jill, but b pie is already on its way toward warming some foster child’s heart.
      Its photos are still here though!. . . So you can make a similar one for yourself.
      Whether with a b pie ripple or some other blankie, Keep warm!! 🙂

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