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Storm Update

Thank you, Dear Readers, for your concern about our welfare during this storm. We did stay safe and warm AND our lights did not flicker once. YAAAY!! After I took yesterday’s photos, Colbie gave us another six inches of snow, … Continue reading

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Blizzard ‘Colbie’

The Governor issued a state-wide travel ban at 9 last night, a sure sign of trouble ahead. Here’s the view from our front porch at noon today. . . heavy snowfall with a sustained wind of 15 miles an hour, … Continue reading

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Wayward Yarn

Look at what landed on my front porch the other day. That’s right – a large box of disposable diapers. Emily doesn’t seem at all puzzled by this. Frankly, I think she’s in love. No, I don’t have a grandchild … Continue reading

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Our corner of Connecticut was hit by frost the other night and this set off a frenzy of fall cleaning. My list of chores is loong with things like switching out window screens and fans for storm windows. . . … Continue reading

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Silent Auction Options

You may remember that I emailed photos and descriptions of my ‘Field of Wildflowers’ granny afghan, Morphos shawl, and Ketjusilmukkahuivi scarf/wrap offering them for a Haitian mission’s April 27th fundraiser. Due to a limited amount of silent auction display space, … Continue reading

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Springtime in New England

Regardless of what the calendar says – first day of Spring, Wed. March 20 – I was really beginning to wonder when, or if, Spring was going to get here! lol. But then on Monday morning I spied these brave … Continue reading

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Better Boots

DH and I both looove our ugly rubber barn boots! They keep our feet dry while we shovel or blow snow, do yard work, and walk in and around our stream. But they’re not very comfortable or warm. Their soles … Continue reading

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Good Night Sandy

Just a quick note to say we’re fine and, although we lost internet access for a few hours, we kept our electricity! Whowhee – we are so grateful! Many in CT are without, 634,000 homes at the peak. Sandy’s sustained … Continue reading

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I Love My Freezer!

The tropical storm, Irene, left us without power for three days in August. Everything in our big freezer in the basement made it through fine, although we did take the opportunity to toss a few rather ancient packages of food. … Continue reading

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My Solar-Heated Crochet Salon

After several days without electricity, like those following our recent snowstorm, your mind may begin seeing common objects in new ways. Many times I’ve complained that my dark-colored car gets too hot during the summer, but last Friday I realized … Continue reading

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