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Happy Halloween!

I crocheted some pumpkin pins to share with folks at the nursing home. It was so much fun to run around offering them to everybody – residents and visitors alike. Silly pins really bring out the smiles! My thanks to … Continue reading

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Little Blankets

I’ve been working on lap robes and baby ripples as well as my regular-sized ripples since dear yarn fairies, Ann and X, shared their wealth of sport and dk weight yarns with me this summer. You’ve only seen the one … Continue reading

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Looking for Options

I’ve been wondering what easy item, other than 5″ looper potholders, the Crochet Corner ladies might like to weave. Seeing these pretty little sachets, made with sock yarn on a pinloom, I thought I’d try using yarn and a potholder … Continue reading

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Ripple #43 is for a Raffle

Crochet Corner recently received some donations. . . misc. yarn, a lovely crocheted shawl, and a large ripple. . . so large I can’t lay it out flat on the driveway “photo carpet”. Ellen, the nursing home’s Rec. Dept. director, … Continue reading

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Progress on the so-called “Dark” Granny

A while back I showed you the seventy-some 3-round granny squares that I crocheted from tiny “dark” scrap balls – not nearly enough for a blanket. Laying them out helped me to decide what color of squares I should make … Continue reading

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#42 is for Halloween

What better excuse could I have for making an all-orange ripple? I started with all the misc. oranges that have collected in my scrap box, 7 ounces of a deep orange and 8 ounces of a very bright orange. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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# 41 – A Sportweight Ripple

All of the yarn for this week’s ripple was provided by Ann of OK. – Thanks again, Ann!! – I started with the huge skeins of ‘Mint’ green and ‘Baby’ variegated, to which I added multiple smaller skeins of sport … Continue reading

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What. . . MORE Yarn!?

DH brought a box in from the front porch when he came home from work the other day. Our tricky mailman managed to slip another one by me! Sandi of MD tells me that her yarn fairies have been working … Continue reading

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#40 of 2015

RHSS ‘Claret’, ‘Carrot’, ‘Gold’, ‘Cornmeal’, and ‘Soft White’ Ombre* striping is very traditional for ripples, although not in this particular layout. Fall Harvest * Ombre – having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in … Continue reading

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Three Weeks Running

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come home from Sal’s with a beautiful yet thrifty blanket for a third consecutive week, but I did get more yarn. Six skeins of RHSS, and with Tuesday’s Sr. discount. . . 99¢ each! If … Continue reading

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