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Getting Acquainted

I’m going to try very hard not to over-think this project. After all, the previous owner of my Saori loom has already measured out and wound on a bright pink and blue warp and started weaving. All I have to … Continue reading

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#41 and 42 – The Blues

I loove this shade of blue! And the variegated yarn is so pretty too. It’s from a partial skein. Can’t remember if it was a donation or a thrifty find. No matter, it turned into a beautiful border! I struggled … Continue reading

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Just Peachy

Never did I imagine that we would ever get more peaches off our two little trees than we could fit into our freezer. But the freezer is full and this is how our kitchen counter and stove still looked! We … Continue reading

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Some Yarn

It was no big deal, yet another Craigslist ad. . . “Weaving yarn that has been stored in 21 bins and sorted by color. I no longer weave so hope somebody can put this yarn to good use. $100 for … Continue reading

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#40 – September’s Ripple

I began this month’s ripple design with these two partial skeins, recently gifted by the Yarn Fairy. Red Heart calls them ‘Spruce‘ and ‘Spruce/Sage/Tan’. It was a very grey day, pouring rain, when I decided to shoot photos of my … Continue reading

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DH got out the ladder and picked some of the ripe peaches high in the older of our two peach trees on Saturday, well as ‘high’ as he could get in a dwarf tree that is. lol. I soon as … Continue reading

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Fleece Blanket Tutorial – Part 2

A Simple Two-Round Crochet Edging Generally, I’m going to follow the Project Linus ‘Skip-Stitch Blade Instructions’ for a crochet edging but, since I rounded off the corners on my piece of fleece, I’ll make a couple of small changes. Finding … Continue reading

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# 38 & 39 – Two More for Girls

With so much Pink, I’m pretty sure the first fleece that I edged with crochet went to a foster girl. Then last week I did three fleece blankets for boys. So today I’m evening the score with Crazy Daisies and … Continue reading

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Preparing the Fleece – Fleece Blanket Tutorial – Part 1

Years ago I prepared the fleece for my first couple of crochet-edged blankets with just fabric scissors and a 1/8″ paper punch! An H hook (5.0 mm) can easily slip through a 1/8″ (3.175 mm) hole in stretchy fleece. If … Continue reading

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Craigslist Strikes Again

This seller was motivated, so motivated that she placed a listing in both Craigslist and Ravelry. So really, there was no hope for me! lol. I couldn’t have helped but see it on one website or the other. I was … Continue reading

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