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I was flabbergasted late on Friday to read that my yarn fairy, Sandi of Maryland, was sending me another box of charity yarn! Here’s my post about the last one. The next morning, before I’d had the chance to respond … Continue reading

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2013 Ripple of the Week #8

This week’s color combo was inspired, not by the nuts, that will make sense in a minute, but, by this beginning photo (please scroll down) of Anastacia’s Wriggly Ripple. A quick visit to my charity stash revealed that I didn’t … Continue reading

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How About Another?

My apologies to any of you who caught this post’s short “sneak preview” on Wednesday morning. I was supposed to have moved it ahead one notch to today when I added the post about having lunch with Anastacia. Oops. I … Continue reading

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Lunch. . . and More

Anastacia, author of the “AnastaciaKnits” blog, and I had lunch on Friday, having picked a little town that’s kind of mid-way between our homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts. I chose the deep-fried clam strips, which I haven’t had in years … Continue reading

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2013 Ripple of the Week #7 – Boys Will be Boys

Every week I pull at least 24 ounces of yarn from my charity stash so I can make another ripple for foster children. I chose this week’s yarns with boys in mind – Red Heart Super Saver ‘Cherry’, Lion Brand … Continue reading

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Better Boots

DH and I both looove our ugly rubber barn boots! They keep our feet dry while we shovel or blow snow, do yard work, and walk in and around our stream. But they’re not very comfortable or warm. Their soles … Continue reading

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Pockets and Labels and Lids, Oh My!

As I was preparing Friday’s post about our new entry way, you know, the one we built on the back of my craft bookcases, I thought, hey! – I should show you how the bookcases’ front side turned out too! … Continue reading

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