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It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

It might be Halloween, but it’s beginning to look alot like Christmas around here. This is the yarn I unraveled from last week’s BIG Heavy Blanket. I included the skein of yarn in this photo to give you some perspective. … Continue reading

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My Third Market Bag

I showed you my last finished market bag, the Seaside Tote, on August 8th. Clearly, it’s  easy to put off one project to work on another, and then another! The third of the four market bag patterns I’ve chosen is … Continue reading

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Flower Garden Granny – It’s Growing Quickly!

I’m completely charmed by how these simple little granny squares are turning into a delightful-looking blanket! It’s like visiting a spring garden, even though it’s late October. I don’t know if the join-as-you-go method I’m using is actually any faster … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #47 – A Red Zebra

At long last, here is my first zebra ripple! Ta-Dah!! 11,418 stitches – 568,528 stitches donated so far this year A three-row stripe of Red Heart Super Saver’s “Zebra” was wide enough to get across the “zebra feeling” I was … Continue reading

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I Waited for Just the Right Yarn

Found: one 36″ granny square crocheted with three shades of blue, in beautiful condition. I bought it back in August at Sal’s, the Salvation Army Thrift Store, for just $1.49! I could have given it to the nursing home to … Continue reading

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One BIG Heavy Blanket!!

Although many of the afghans I see in thrift stores are far too “well-loved”, I do find a few that are in excellent condition. As you may already know, I buy some to give to children entering foster care, but … Continue reading

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Thrifty Granny’s Zig-Zag Join

After deciding on the way I wanted to arrange my seventy-seven granny squares, I labeled them, lest a certain clever kitty should “help” by freely re-arranging them! Then I started putting them together using the zig-zag join that I discussed … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #46 – Another Sportweight Ripple

This is my second ripple afghan crocheted from sport-weight yarn. The first one, “Sunshine”, was only 31″ wide until I added a border. So, this time, I added yet another double-crochet stitch to every up or downhill run, making them … Continue reading

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Ripple #45 – French Country Quatre

I’ve made use of my great wealth of “Light Celery” by making it the main color in this ripple. Wow, what a difference the four little rows of a darker olive-green make! There are also just five rows of pink … Continue reading

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Zebra Ripple Decisions and Beginning #47

My zebra yarn has been completely silent since its last blog appearance. I’m glad it has given my mind some quiet time to make logical color choices! With only ten ounces of “Zebra” to split between two blankets, I realized … Continue reading

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