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Three and a Half Pounds of Yarn

It’s not often I make it out of Sal’s without buying a single sweater to unravel for yarn. Whooo-hoo! Good for me; I’m actually learning to limit my sweater stash acquisitions! Instead, I bought a BIG crocheted afghan to unravel … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #13

This week’s donation is a scrappy ripple I pulled from my finished blanket stash. It includes at least eight different blue yarns plus three teal yarns that I used as accents. Two chenille yarns, one blue and one teal, add … Continue reading

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Like my Mittens?

I’m enjoying my striped cowl and mittens. I’m so happy with the way they turned out and their colors perk up my dark green coat just they way I had hoped! I got compliments the very first time I wore … Continue reading

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Beginning #14 – Sunrise

Once I start crocheting a scrap ripple it’s easy for me to get carried along by just-one-more-row syndrome, because it’s so much fun to watch how its look develops and changes as I crochet the many stripes. I was almost … Continue reading

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Choosing Colors for the Easter Basket Ripple

Thanks to Edith for her recent question about how I chose the colors of yarn I used in my Easter Basket ripple afghan. It got me thinking. Luckily, I haven’t taken the afghan over to the library yet, (that’s the … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #12

I’ve finished crocheting my Spring Colors ripple, and… Spring Colors 11,968 crocheted stitches — 159,384 stitches donated ytd …finally, I see bits of spring colors outdoors as well!

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Is it Spring or Isn’t it?

According to my calendar, I did not meet my self-imposed deadline of completing DH’s woolen balaclava before spring arrived at sunrise today, March 20th. But, according to Widipedia spring doesn’t make it here until tomorrow, so maybe I finished with … Continue reading

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