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Ripple of the Week #26

I just happened to notice how the green paint I used on our old garden bench matched the green in this ripple. Doesn’t kitty look comfortable there, relaxing in the sun? I’m sure that, like any other cat, she’d love … Continue reading

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Joining My Granny Squares Into Strips

There are so many different ways to join squares! I chose to whip stitch my granny squares together; I happen to like the flat smooth results, sewing through the back loops only, while being careful not to pull up the … Continue reading

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A Box of Yarn on My Porch

Look what DH found on our porch Monday! It’s here; it’s here!! (jumping up and down) We left for an evening out shortly afterward, so I had to wait until the next day to open it and take photos. Sorry … Continue reading

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Using New Crayon Molds

With about ten pounds of crayons to recycle this time, I wanted to create a production line so my second batch of Rainbow Crayons could be made more efficiently. I could be filling two dozen molds, while another two dozen … Continue reading

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A Bowlful of Ends

One bowlful of yarn ends. One set of 160 completely finished and blocked granny squares. What a satisfying moment! Looking at the entire group of granny squares from every angle, I shifted squares around until I liked the way all … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #25

Here’s a simple color pattern: four pink rows followed by one row of white, then four more pink rows followed by one of purple. I used several subtly different pink yarns, randomly changing from one to another. This is more … Continue reading

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Making Crayon Labels

You may remember that when I packaged my first batch of forty-eight recycled Rainbow Crayons, I wrote and colored each label on white cardstock, cut them out, punched holes and tied them onto the sixteen bags with satin ribbons and … Continue reading

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