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Appreciating Electricity!

My heart leapt at the sound of the water pump automatically switching on, signifying our electrical power’s return, sometime (can’t read the dial of a vintage wind-up alarm clock in the dark) last night. What a relief! Although the lights … Continue reading

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Just to Let You Know, We’re Fine

We’ve been without power for sixty hours now. But, there’s no water in our basement. The stream, normally a mere trickle in August… did not overflow its banks, which would have flooded our gardens. The gutters and roof shingles are … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #35 – Blueberries and Grapes

I was so fortunate to have this ripple finished and waiting to be photographed at the time that these irises bloomed. What great companions they are for each other! Blueberries and Grapes 11,424 stitches – 420,928 donated so far this … Continue reading

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Yarn for a Summer Sweater

I just found this spruce green Aeropostale hoodie at Goodwill. It was $5.99, but I got it for half-price, because the little plastic tag, noted by the big arrow, was yellow, the sale color for that day! It’s made from … Continue reading

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Beginning of #37 – Starbright?

Starbright is the name of the Red Heart Classic variegated yarn that was this afghan’s starting point. Introducing “Starbright”~ I chose one yarn to represent each of the colors within the variegated yarn, plus white. The choice of a peach/coral … Continue reading

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Starting a New Granny

My delight over the recently finished “Cool Jewels” granny has led me to immediately start on another! I can’t stop thinking about a pastel flower garden granny, crocheted, once again, with Purl Bee’s classic granny square pattern. I’ve imagined the … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #34 – French Country

A change in my original plans resulted in a mirrored striping design for this ripple. Stripe patterns usually repeat continuously from one end of a blanket to the other, while in a mirrored design the pattern repeats until it reaches … Continue reading

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