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A New Sort of Ripple – #21 – Sweet Cherry Sundae

After crocheting eighty of the same kind of ripple since January 2011, I finally decided I was ready to try a different pattern! I’ve wanted to make a ripple with alternating large and small points for a long time and … Continue reading

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Blankets for an Auction

Last spring I donated two of my blankets to a nearby church’s silent auction, part of their annual fundraiser for a Haitian Ministry. This year I’m offering them four: #1 – Cool Jewels, which I finished last July, is one … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #20 – Tranquility

I planned Tranquility around the colors in the Red Heart Super Saver variegated yarn called Aspen Print. I chose only four yarns, RHSS Light Sage and Warm Brown, plus an unlabeled cream and a vintage dark brown. 10,418 stitches crocheted … Continue reading

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Christmas in Grannies – Ta-Dah!

I’m so HaPpY! with how this one turned out – squeal!! It was definitely worth the extra time it took to “audition” and rip out first the green and then the red and burgundy border. I know I wouldn’t love … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #19 – Sour Cherry Sundae

Simple, simple  – two rows Red Heart Super Saver Hot Red (the brighter one), three rows RHSS Cherry (the slightly darker), one row White, then repeat: 11,282 crochet stitches – 955,767 donated since Jan. 2011 Ta-Dah!! I especially like the … Continue reading

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Crochet Whim – Part 2

Remember? I was up to sixty-three finished Flower Stars at the end of Part 1, when I ran out of the light-colored variegated baby yarn. Since then I dug through my baby yarn stash again and found a similar, but … Continue reading

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I Found It!

I’m so happy that I’ve finally re-discovered the ‘Bliss Strip Slitter’ that I bought years ago. Yeah!! I knew I’d stored it in the attic! You would think I would have put it in a clearly labeled box or a … Continue reading

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Another Scrappy Ripple of the Week – #16 – Waves

Yet another trip to the yarn scrap box made me realize my next ripple had to be a blue one cuz I had way over two pounds of blue scraps in there! Since a child-sized ripple (35″ x 54″) uses … Continue reading

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Border Tryouts

Last night I decided my afghan called Christmas in Grannies was big enough when I reached 19 squares by 28 squares, about 36″ x 55″, but since it was still early in the evening, I kept crocheting and tried out … Continue reading

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A Crayon Idea for Easter

I have three new kinds of molds for recycling crayons, including one for Easter eggs! Each Halloween Jello mold includes a bat, pumpkin, witch, ghost and cat. The package of five molds was marked 99¢ at Savers, but because of … Continue reading

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