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A HUGE Surprise!

I had no idea that yet another box of yarn was coming my way until I heard that telltale Thump! as it landed on our front porch. I, of course, wanted to open Ann of Oklahoma’s surprise gift immediately, but … Continue reading

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Preparing to Get Klutzy

Thinking of the Crochet Corner ladies, B, who struggles valiantly to crochet, in particular, I recently bought a Klutz brand potholder loom kit with book. It’s original retail price, $19.99, but I got it, on sale at Sal’s, for only … Continue reading

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#30 – An Ombre Ripple

This is the first project I’ve made using Bernat Satin, a lovely yarn with a very smooth finish and soft sheen. Nice! Melissa of GA gave me several skeins last winter. – Thanks again, Melissa! I really enjoyed getting acquainted … Continue reading

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Beaded Pins

Unfortunately, most of my blog entries do not get posted immediately, which sometimes requires a bit of time travel. . . Fourth of July was quickly approaching and I had yet to find a patriotic pin that I wanted to … Continue reading

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#29 –

Very excited to find out how RHSS ‘Black Light’ will look in a ripple, I ‘cheated’, looking for ideas of how to best use it, by doing a project search within Ravelry. The majority show it used it alone or … Continue reading

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Beads!, Beads! and more Beads!

I had so much fun making my Perler bead snowflakes I’ve watched for beads at thrifts and tag sales ever since. You can only imagine how happy I was when I found this huge jar of what I’m guessing is … Continue reading

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Catching Up

Seeing this picture of me wearing warm flannel jammy pants while joining pink and white granny squares made me realize that you’ve waited a very long time – nearly two months – for a progress report on this blanket. How … Continue reading

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#28 of 2015

The old joke goes, “What’s Black and White and “read” all over?” The usual answer is “Yesterday’s newspaper.”, but it could also be “This week’s ripple!” Black and White and Red Allover Lots of credit goes to yarn fairies for … Continue reading

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No Longer Just Black, White and Green

Remember the blanket that Yarn Fairy Karen sent me early last month? – BTW, Thanks once again for grabbing up and passing on this little cutie, Karen! – And remember how, just as soon as I opened it, I knew … Continue reading

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Ripple #27 – A Tiny Bit of Variegated

I had a just enough of this pretty peach/green/white variegated to eke out four rows in this week’s ripple, . . . Fresh Melons. Along with the variegated I used up several 3 and 4-ounce skeins, some full, some partial. … Continue reading

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