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2013’s Ripple of the Week #9 – Easter’s Coming!

The V-Stitch Ripple I made for Veteran’s Day turned out so well I thought I’d make another one, for Easter. I’m glad I did. I like it Very Much! Like last time, I’ve kept my striping pattern fairly simple so … Continue reading

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#49 – Ta-Dah! – an Express V-Stitch Ripple

In the United States, today is Veterans Day. In honor of all the veterans of our armed forces, I’m calling my first v-stitch afghan, ‘V is for Victory!’ As I expected, I loooove this blanket! The v-stitches give it more … Continue reading

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My First V-Stitch – So Far

When I sat down to begin my first V-Stitch Ripple I thought I must have made a math error. I need 221 stitches in the beginning chain, really? But my Wriggly Ripple only takes 135! I double-checked the math, yup, … Continue reading

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The Express V-Stitch Ripple Pattern

In July I wrote a post about the exceptionally nice V-stitch ripple afghan that I bought at a nearby thrift store. One of my dear readers, Mara Thomas, SummerMelody in Ravelry, has amazed me, not only be figuring out that … Continue reading

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