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#48 – A Bulky Weight Ripple

In the process of going through my charity stash looking for bulky yarns that B. of the Crochet Corner could experiment with, I came across two large skeins with a very pretty blend of autumn colors, – I think it’s … Continue reading

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Bargain Hunting

You probably think I’m going to talk about Black Friday specials, but no. . . I’ve been having a blast taking advantage of after-Halloween markdowns! A few days after the holiday I was still able to get a few Trick-or-Treat … Continue reading

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Wanted – Larger Potholders, not Mats

Once I recovered from the euphoria of having conquered the challenges of my new mat loom, I realized that weaving 13 x 18″ mats. . . is a Huge Leap from weaving 5″ square potholders! lol BTW – From now … Continue reading

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#47 – Another Scrap Ripple

When I went into the attic to get a few more scraps for B’s purple and pink ripple, I realized that I’ve collected scrap balls enough to make another in. . . Purples and Blues Sadly, I’ve reached the end … Continue reading

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Trial and Error

Since I didn’t know what width of tarn would work best with my new mat loom, I arbitrarily chose 5/8″, halfway between the widths I had used for my two previous tarn projects. (bathmat and kitchen rugs) The four colors, … Continue reading

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On the Border

I’ve been working on the Zig-Zagged Granny’s border and have so far completed three rounds of granny clusters in deep teal, royal blue and black, alternating with single crochet rounds of ecru. I knew that I wanted a warm color … Continue reading

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Ripple #46 – Inspired by. . .

Ravelry is a fantastic place for discovering wonderful color combinations that I’d never think up on my own! For example, go check out the gorgeous colors of Champsmom’s “Baby Sanders’ Stripe It Rich”. A special thanks to my yarn fairies … Continue reading

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Crocheted another of Stephanie Gage’s Seaside Totes. (Made my previous one in 2011!) This took just half a skein (7 ounces) of that cotton I found clearance-priced at Michaels, a couple of months ago. I could hardly wait for the … Continue reading

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#45 – How Ironic

The results of the Crochet Corner raffle were incredible. Although she had 3 chances out of 4 of winning a ripple, B, who wanted one more than any of the other ladies, instead won the shawl!  We all groaned on … Continue reading

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Zig-Zagged Grannies

The joining process is going very well! Conscious of how BOLD an ecru join would be against these dark colors, and that these are only three-round squares, smaller than those in the other two blankets on which I’ve used the … Continue reading

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