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2012 Ripple of the Week #34

This ripple started with two balls of scrap yarn, a solid charcoal and a marled cream with grey, which I decided to sandwich between single stripes of a light grey. I chose mauve and deep rose to go with, crocheting … Continue reading

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The Annotated Wriggly Pattern

Here’s a second version of my Wriggly Ripple pattern, a chatty one with several helpful tips and answers to questions… Finished Size: Approximately 35″ wide and 54″ long when made with 84 rows Yarn Required: Approximately 25 ounces of a … Continue reading

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Coupon Commotion

Coupon Commotion was the name of last week’s sale at JoAnn Fabrics. I cut coupons from the flyer that came in the mail and more from the newspaper flyer. I had expected to print out even more on Sunday morning, … Continue reading

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Ripple #33 – Melonberry II

All I did for this week’s stripes was to substitute a very light pink for the RHSS Aran (very light yellow) in Melonberry of five weeks ago. What a cop-out! lol. I simply wanted to see how much difference should … Continue reading

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Just Peachy!

I just got this 32-inch square Peach blanket at Sal’s, the Salvation Army thrift store, for only $1.50 (half-price)! It’s a single crochet ripple, which makes it heavy for such a small blanket, weighing almost one and a half pounds. … Continue reading

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It’s raining today.* The thunder woke me up this morning and it’s been raining off and on ever since, sometimes with a quiet pitter-patter and sometimes with cacophonous banging and crashing! It’s the kind of warm summer rain that is … Continue reading

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2012 Ripple #32 – Rainbow Rhythm

I wanted to make a fairly simple bold ripple that would effectively show off this pretty rainbow yarn. I think I succeeded! 11,554 stitches – 1,106,638 donated since Jan. 2011 Did you notice how the rainbow stripes vary in width … Continue reading

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New Labels for New Crayons

Once I readied the batch of 250 Rainbow Crayons for this summer’s sand pails (giftpacks for foster kids), it was time to turn to my new crayons, the five piece Halloween… and four piece Christmas sets! I needed to design … Continue reading

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An Exception

Whenever I visit a thrift store I always look for afghans because I never know when I’ll find a really nice one with a really nice price. If I find one that’s smaller than I like, I can enlarge it … Continue reading

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2012 Ripple of the Week #31 – The Midas Touch

I made Midas with five yellow and gold yarns including Red Heart Super Saver Gold, a yellow chenille from a thrift store sweater and a very subtle variegated. The pale yellow is actually two strands of baby yarn that I … Continue reading

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