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2012 Ripple of the Week #34

This ripple started with two balls of scrap yarn, a solid charcoal and a marled cream with grey, which I decided to sandwich between single stripes of a light grey. I chose mauve and deep rose to go with, crocheting … Continue reading

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The Annotated Wriggly Pattern

Here’s a second version of my Wriggly Ripple pattern, a chatty one with several helpful tips and answers to questions… Finished Size: Approximately 35″ wide and 54″ long when made with 84 rows Yarn Required: Approximately 25 ounces of a … Continue reading

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Coupon Commotion

Coupon Commotion was the name of last week’s sale at JoAnn Fabrics. I cut coupons from the flyer that came in the mail and more from the newspaper flyer. I had expected to print out even more on Sunday morning, … Continue reading

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Ripple #33 – Melonberry II

All I did for this week’s stripes was to substitute a very light pink for the RHSS Aran (very light yellow) in Melonberry of five weeks ago. What a cop-out! lol. I simply wanted to see how much difference should … Continue reading

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Just Peachy!

I just got this 32-inch square Peach blanket at Sal’s, the Salvation Army thrift store, for only $1.50 (half-price)! It’s a single crochet ripple, which makes it heavy for such a small blanket, weighing almost one and a half pounds. … Continue reading

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It’s raining today.* The thunder woke me up this morning and it’s been raining off and on ever since, sometimes with a quiet pitter-patter and sometimes with cacophonous banging and crashing! It’s the kind of warm summer rain that is … Continue reading

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2012 Ripple #32 – Rainbow Rhythm

I wanted to make a fairly simple bold ripple that would effectively show off this pretty rainbow yarn. I think I succeeded! 11,554 stitches – 1,106,638 donated since Jan. 2011 Did you notice how the rainbow stripes vary in width … Continue reading

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