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Hopefully a Great Plan

When I looked through this tiny knitting pattern book, “Vogue Knitting on the Go! PONCHOS”, at the library the ‘Icelandic Poncho’ pattern on page 72 caught my eye. I would like one, but without the matching ribbed cuffs, thank you … Continue reading

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Ripple #21 and DIY Variegated

I apologize to those of you who’ve been patiently waiting for this week’s ripple post to appear. I blame the delay on the long holiday weekend. If you’ve been an alottastitches reader for very long you’re probably able to guess … Continue reading

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For Next Easter

I was quite surprised to see there were still some plastic Easter eggs left at a small local grocery store. My heart may have fluttered a little at the sight of them because I know that, usually, the longer seasonal … Continue reading

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The 104th Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival

It was about 1:30 when DH and I finally decided we’d had enough of the all-town tag sale. We stopped just long enough for lunch at Subway – Even though we’d snacked while we shopped, we were sooooo hungry! Maybe … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #20 – And a Third

Both of my earlier Round Baby Ripples weighed about fourteen ounces, so I assumed that this twelve ounces of Jack Frost Wintuk Sport ‘Buttercup’ and two ounces of chartreuse would be enough for a third. These yarns would provide six … Continue reading

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A Little Somethin’ Special

A particular little ball of fuzzy white yarn, the one I’ve highlighted there on the left, was such a tiny part of last week’s haul, that even though I noticed  it was “100% angora”, it didn’t seem worth mentioning. But … Continue reading

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2013 Ripple #19 – Another Round One

I had nearly equal amounts of three sport weight yarns, Bernat Coordinates ‘Soft Blue’, a similarly crinkled yarn in blue/pink and an unknown plain white, so I decided on a simple repeating pattern of three rounds of each yarn for … Continue reading

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An All-Town Tag Sale

I don’t remember why we missed last year’s – you can read about 2011’s here – but I’m so glad that DH and I were able to go to this year’s all-town tag sale. We were at the first sale … Continue reading

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It’s Done!!

I learned an important lesson about making tarn (t-shirt yarn) while preparing to start our new kitchen rug. Two of the t-shirts had side seams so I couldn’t just cut looong spiraling strips from a t-shirt’s hem up to the … Continue reading

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#18 – Rugby Scrum

I designed this ripple around yet another of the many pretty variegated yarns that my friend, Anastacia, gave me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one before, but maybe one of you recognize it? I put RHSS ‘Buff’, ‘Soft … Continue reading

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