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My Quest for Free-Range Yarn*

I’ve gotten the feeling from listening to my readers that the thrift store yarn pickings in my area are better than the national average. Some of you have told me that you never find yarn, that it’s overpriced or that … Continue reading

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Cidalia’s Wriggly Ripple

Ooooh, I’m so excited!!! Cidalia, one of my dear readers, and I have been chatting about her Wriggly Ripple. Yah, that’s right, someone’s using my pattern to crochet an afghan!! This is So Cool. I’m thinkin’ the smile on my … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #25 – Blushing Peaches

Once I finished unraveling the ‘Muppet’ thrift store sweater I was so very anxious to see how the yarn would look in its first ripple! It’s such a thin yarn, I knew that I needed to combine it with a … Continue reading

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Another Fiber Fest!

I was curious what classes and demos were scheduled for last weekend’s fiber fest, but I couldn’t find anything about them on-line, so I decided to run over Friday afternoon. After consulting my friend, Google, I laid out a route … Continue reading

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Two Striped Turtlenecks

Ever since I conquered both the increase method and rolling edges, I’ve been anxious to knit another Basic Neckwarmer for the Warm Hands Network! I picked this pair of yarns because the olive matches some of the specks in the … Continue reading

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My Wriggly Ripple Pattern

I appreciate your patience with my procrastination. Here, finally, is my pattern for a… Wriggly Ripple Written in U.S. Crochet Terminology Finished Size: Approximately 35″ x 54″, 87 rows Yarn Required: Approximately 25 ounces of a worsted or aran weight … Continue reading

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Ripple of the Week #24

I’ve called this ripple Blue Lagoon ever since I gathered the yarns for it, probably because the darker of the two Lion Brand Color Waves yarn colors is named Blue Lagoon. The lighter one is Caribbean. But when I saw … Continue reading

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Wooly Neckwarmers: Basic and Ambitus

As soon as I started binding off my first Basic Neckwarmer I knew I had a major case of curling edges! And since the yarn, Phildar Pegase 206, is an acrylic/wool blend, I wasn’t sure whether simple wet blocking would fix … Continue reading

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CT Sheep and Wool

We had a wonderful time at the annual Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival! Although there was a blustery wind, it was sunny and warm enough to be comfortable wearing a fleece (not of the sheepy sort) vest. I realized as … Continue reading

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My Second Wriggly Ripple – #23 and a Million

Including this one, I’ve donated eighty-three ripple blankets to charity since I started blogging in January of last year. All together they’ve contained over a million stitches, precisely 1,002,739 stitches… Yelp! I’m sitting here watching the cursor blink on my … Continue reading

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