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#40 – A ‘Generated’ Ripple

Using the striping plan that I designed earlier this month with the help of the Weighted Stripe Generator turned out to be a blast! Part of the fun was in making a few ‘improvements’ along the way, like matching the … Continue reading

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Purple Passion

Wouldn’t Purple Passion be a Great Name for a ripple? But, no, it’s the color name of the Phentex Craft Cotton that I picked next from my old stash. What a pretty washcloth! I like the way this stitch pattern … Continue reading

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#39 – A Change of Season

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. Let’s celebrate with a ripple! Autumn Twilight Almost all of the yarn is Red Heart Super Saver. I alternated single rows of ‘Tea Leaf’, ‘Carrot’ and ‘Lemon’ with double rows of ‘Soft Navy’ … Continue reading

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Feeling Inspired. . .

-by this tank top. I have yarns that closely resemble the tank’s colors, but rather than try to duplicate the top’s stripes I’m going to let my new design assistant, Biscuits and Jam’s Weighted Stripe Generator, suggest a striping pattern. … Continue reading

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Tag Saling

I’ve visited very few tag sales so far this year, so I decided to check out a relatively new all-town one, just across the Massachusetts border. I planned to get to the town green by 8:00 when the local Boy … Continue reading

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#38 Trial and Error

I started by gathering a pile of yarns: light pink, green and blue, medium rose, green and blue, and some white. I had a generous amount of every color. Nice, but a shortage in one or two colors often jumpstarts … Continue reading

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BUG Update – no photos

A few days after I wrote that post about the Glorious Bugs on our blueberry bush, I noticed that one of the caterpillars had disappeared and the remaining one’s red ‘antlers’ looked like someone had nibbled on them! Now he’s … Continue reading

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This Never Gets Old

My stealthy postman struck again, silently leaving our mail on the front porch, including a box from yet another new yarn fairy, Chrissy in Texas. – Hi, Chrissy! – It doesn’t seem to matter that over the years I’ve received … Continue reading

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Ripple #37 – A Blue One

Technically, since there’s off-white in it, this ripple can’t be considered part of my All-Blue Series, but it still helped me to burn through a bit more of my overabundance of navy and light blue yarns. I used an RHSS … Continue reading

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Glorious BUGS

That title is meant as warning for those of you that wouldn’t like to be surprised by a photo of an insect. I hope that you will take at least a little peek – I start out with a couple … Continue reading

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