What. . . MORE Yarn!?

DH brought a box in from the front porch when he came home from work the other day. Our tricky mailman managed to slip another one by me!

705 1topw_letter

Sandi of MD tells me that her yarn fairies have been working overtime again, so she sent me some of her extras. She apologized, saying it’s “mostly scraps”. I bet not!

705 2 top-layer

Lots of neutral colors in the top layer,

705 2a-top-out

plus partial skeins of RHSS “Monet” and ‘Turquoise’,

705 3-monet&tq

– Funny, we just did the math for D’s shawl and found that we’re a tad short on ‘Monet! –

and there’s one skein of Bernat Satin, which I may combine with what remains of the Satin that Melissa of GA sent me last December.


705 4Bernat-blu

Second layer –

705 5-2ndlayer

Oooooh, I see some dishcloth/washcloth cotton. . . eleven balls of it! –  mostly Sugar ‘n Cream.

705 6-cottons

Can’t wait to share this with D, who’s just about to start another cloth.

And here’s a second note. . .

705 7 note

” Thought you could include these cute little purses in with your lovely afghans for foster kids ” – Five cute little purses that are going to make some little foster girls very happy! –

705 7a-purses1

And yes, I already asked Sandi if she knew the pattern’s name. – Depending on what LA, who passes my blankets on to DCF, has to say, maybe I’ll crochet a few more cute little purses. After all, I do have a plentiful supply of cotton yarn.

There are also a few variegated yarns,

705 8-3vrgtd

including some Impeccable, in the same colorway as the skeins Karen of Virginia sent me last month, ‘Folklore’!

705 9-moreboyv

Still more goodies to come! Third layer –

705 10-layer3

A huge Ziploc of scrap balls.

705 11-scrps in

Must let them out to breathe!

705 12-scrps-out

Some of them coordinate quite well with the TLC Essentials ‘Persimmon’ and RH Classic ‘Teal’.

705 13-scraps+

Yet another note!

705 14-ano.note

“Maybe you can make DH a snazzy new pair of socks.”

Oh. My. Can you imagine DH wearing pink and red, glittery, or pink and purple socks?!?! lol. Sandi, I hope you won’t mind if I make myself a few pairs of snazzy fingerless mitts instead.

705 15-socks-The red is Loops N’ Threads luxury sock yarn, colorway ‘Spring Fling’, while the one above, with silver sparkles, is Fortissima Colori Disco Socka Color by Scholler + Stahl – My, that’s a mouthful! lol. –

I know the Pop’n Yarn name, but I don’t recognize any of these other yarns.

705 16-pop'n

Although the rose heather does remind me of a wool blend I once used. Think I’ll do a burn test on it, just to be sure of the fiber content.

Here’s a ripple “kit”. . .

705 17-woodsy

RHSS ‘Woodsy’ along with Bernat Aspen Soft in a frosty green,

plus some browns

705 18-wdsy+

and a few other neutrals, from layer one.

705 18a-wdsy++

Yes! That will make a very manly ripple.

How thoughtful of Sandi to send these nifty little containers, for my Perler beads.

705 19-perler

Well, my beads are already in little plastic thingies I found at Dollar Tree. But given some time to think, I’m sure that I’ll come up with the perfect use for these. –

And a drum roll please. . .

This is what ten-and-a-half pounds of yarny goodness look like. Woo-Whooo!!

705 20-all

And here it is, packed back into the box, ready for its’ trip to the attic.

705 21-rdytogo

It’s been such fun to go through my newest box of treasures with you, my dear readers, peeking over my shoulder. I look forward to showing you what I do with it all!

And thank you, Sandi, very much, for sharing your bounty – with me, the foster kids, and the Crochet Corner ladies.


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#40 of 2015

RHSS ‘Claret’, ‘Carrot’, ‘Gold’, ‘Cornmeal’, and ‘Soft White’

704 SRSS-close

Ombre* striping is very traditional for ripples, although not in this particular layout.

Fall Harvest

704 SRSS-full

* Ombre – having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark

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Three Weeks Running

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come home from Sal’s with a beautiful yet thrifty blanket for a third consecutive week, but I did get more yarn. Six skeins of RHSS, and with Tuesday’s Sr. discount. . . 99¢ each!

703 SALS4 snrisyrn

If you take out that skein of variegated – RHSS ‘Bon Bon Print’ and I think I’ve got the makings of a beautiful ripple! Maybe I’ll call it call it “Sunrise, Sunset”. The five solids are ‘Orchid’, ‘Lavender’, ‘Shocking Pink’, ‘Pumpkin’, and ‘Carrot’.

Yeah, I know, with the recent arrival of all that gorgeous yarn, the unexpected yarn from Virginia and those other two piles of RHSS, – Plus I have yet to show you the box that just came from Maryland. – there are some who would say that I should be on a severe yarn diet, but what would be the sense in walking away from 6 beautiful colors of yarn at such a thrifty price? No sense, I say, No sense at all!

However, I am beginning to feel a bit like a squirrel with a charity stash large enough to last me through a very long hard winter! Kind of makes me wonder what New England is in for. Anyone got a copy of the Farmer’s Almanac? lol.

Well, anyway. . . I also found a couple of unopened jigsaw puzzles for the foster kids – 50¢ each

703 SALS4-puzzles

and a Beads Pet craft kit, for me. – 99¢

703 SALS4-my-toy

Since the box has obviously been opened, I can’t pass it on, but I figure some of the younger foster kids might like the cute bead animals to use as keyrings or to clip on their backpacks. I know that I’m going to have fun making them! And you can join me, if you happen to have some pony beads and cord, as I found full-color step-by-step directions here. I’ll be using them too, as they look much easier to follow than the kit’s single b&w diagram of each pet.

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A Broken Record

I recently headed to Jo-Ann’s with eight coupons, mostly 50% off regular-priced items, plus a few 40s and one 60.

I got all this RHSS at an average cost of $1.92 per 7-ounce skein. Woo-Hoo!

699 RHSS haul

As you can tell, my charity stash was getting rather low on green. This is the first time I’ve seen ‘Rouge’, the uppermost skein. The other colors are: Lavender, Light Sage, Jade (also new?), Charcoal, Hunter Green, Tea Leaf and Frosty Green.

I had hoped to use my one 60% off coupon on a BIG bag of potholder loops for Crochet Corner, but the only loops I saw at Jo-Ann’s were boxed with looms. But the next time I went to the nursing home I found that someone had donated two bags of loops! Yay! And I got a kick out of seeing the handwritten price tags, cuz that means they probably came from a tag sale. Why, that’s good for a second Yay! lol.

699 donated loops

Thinking that I may have beaten my old record for number of coupons used to buy yarn in one day I checked my Ravelry stash page. Nope. In July of 2012 I managed to buy nine heavily discounted skeins of RHSS.

Surely I could do better than that!

The very next week I headed to Jo-Ann’s again with fifteen coupons, thanks to some  links e-mailed by my sister.

Unfortunately, I was only allowed to use one each from ACMoore, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. But I was still able to use twelve, breaking my old record by three. Whee!

699-4a twelve skeins

Left Column: Spring Green, Frosty Green, Rouge, Dark Orchid – Center: Real Teal, Royal Blue, 2 Soft Navy – Right: White, Claret, White, Coffee

While waiting to check out I chatted with the woman next to me in line. She was searching through a rack of kids’ books, some of which were marked down to 50¢! Since she wasn’t interested in the coloring books I took all I could find, to go in foster kids’ birthday gift bags. – I’ll save the two little Spring ones for Easter baskets. –


We shared the few large-print Sudoku books, which I’ll take to the next Crochet Corner meeting.


Then, since there’s a Michaels at the opposite end of the plaza, I headed there next. He allows one coupon per day so I scored a skein of 40% off ‘Country Blue’, a color that Jo-Ann’s doesn’t stock.


That was coupon number thirteen, leaving me with two unused. Oh, if only DH had been with me, or I’d had time to go to ACMoore.

But wait, I wasn’t done yet! While following the serpentine aisle that leads toward the Michaels check-out counter I came across wire bins filled with clearance priced items and picked out a bunch of 50¢ journals for teen foster kids.

699-16 journals

Boy, it was great fun to find so many bargain books for the kids and seniors. . .  and it was wonderful to fill so many gaps in my charity stash’s spectrum in such a short amount of time but I’d still like to someday use fifteen, or more, coupons during a single shopping spree!

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#39 – Overstocked

An overabundance of both RHSS ‘Light Raspberry’ and various baby yellows triggered this week’s ripple. Simply alternating three-row wide stripes made it brainless.

702-LMN close-up

Lemonade, Anyone?


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This Summer in the Crochet Corner

Back in the spring, D started a pale yellow garter stitch dishcloth, her first knitting project in years.  It’s been so long, she couldn’t remember what item she last knit. Knowing that, I think she’s done very, very well!

701 1-swiss

Did you happen to notice D’s lovely nails? – She is far more comfortable with me taking a picture of them than of her knitting. lol.

‘Nail Spa’ is very popular, appearing on the Rec Dept calendar at least twice a month. –

701 2-nail-polish

After about six weeks’ hard work, D decided her dishcloth was big enough. I offered to do the bind-off but, no, she wanted to do it herself. . . courageous, considering that she doesn’t remember ever having bound-off a project before.

701 3-swissBO--

My job was to slowly murmur “knit one stitch. . . now pass the old stitch over the new one”.

701 3-swissin-prog

Whenever I left to help someone else with their project D would stop and, unsure what to do next, wait for my return. We took so many of these little breaks I thought for sure we’d leave some stitches to bind-off the next week, but D wanted to keep going! Ellen, my supervisor, noticed that we were still at it long after Crochet Corner was over and congratulated D on her determination.

701 5-swdone

– This dishcloth is now in the Rec Dept’s kitchen, unused and often admired. –

With D’s help, I immediately cast on with ‘Faded Denim’, so she’d have something to work during the week.

701 2-beg-blu

Her second dishcloth grew much more quickly!

701 6-Bl-in-prog

About here is when I introduced B, who because of a stroke has been trying to switch from left to righthand crochet, to potholder weaving. I’d prepared by making one potholder with some of the loops that came with the Klutz loom

701 yellw_red

and one with loops from

701 newlps

that one-pound bag I got at Sal’s.

680 loops

As you can see, I did a chain-stitch bind-off on both, a technique shown in the Klutz book. Potholders finished this way turn out a little bit bigger than the sample that came with the book and loom, which has the traditional bind-off.

701 cmpare

The chain-stitch method leaves little loops around the edges, which should make it easier for the ladies to join potholders to create larger items, like placemats or rugs.

I showed both B and MP how they can use a knitting needle as a ‘shed stick’, which helps speed the weaving of every other ‘row’. In this photo B has just woven in the red loop using her fingers, with the shed stick pushed out of her way.

701 10-barbbeg

Then we slide the knitting needle forward, into working position, where it opens space (the shed) for B to pass the long Tunisian crochet hook through and grab the next loop.

701 ndl&hk-beg

B’s first potholder, further along. . . Please be sure to admire her pretty nails as well!

701 Barb2-

It took me awhile to realize that, although MP liked using a shed stick, weaving with it only added to B’s frustration, which led to very frequent coffee breaks.

701 2-B-beg-coff

– Sadly, I never got a photo of MP’s potholder, (I think it was whisked away by a visiting granddaughter.)* more of a coaster, really, because the particular loops she used were very stretchy and shrank up alot once off the loom. –

Thankfully, I eventually caught on and now B really enjoys weaving and says she wants to make a four-potholder square.

701 9-B-onedone

Back to D’s knitting. . .

I couldn’t stay late on the day she finished her second dishcloth so I quickly bound-off. . .

701 7-D-blue-done

and cast-on for #3, which is now well underway.

701 8-el_q_grn

We’re also in the planning stages of a larger project, a garter-stitch shawl using two strands of these yarns,

701 D's-yarns

some of which came from the nursing home stash (more on that in some future post) and some from mine. D’s now in the process of knitting swatches to decide what size needles she’ll use.

I don’t want you to think that these three ladies, D, MP and B, are the only ones to take part in Crochet Corner. Some ladies visit infrequently, preferring to work on their own. A few start projects and then drop out. Some ladies are wheeled in and sit silently watching. Others, both residents and staff, stop by just long enough to check out our latest projects. . . I often bring in my most recently finished ripple for Show and Tell. – B wants to lay claim to this one because it ‘matches’ her top so nicely! lol –

701 my'-ripple

P.S. I’m so excited! – Just yesterday, Crochet Corner gained another weaver, S. Amazingly, even though her right arm is completely paralyzed, she was able to make a potholder in one session. I held the loom still and kept the beginning end of each loop from popping off the loom peg while she wove – she did the rest.

Well, I did the bind-off, but I do that for everybody.

* Since I wrote this post, MP told me that she tucked her coaster away in a drawer, saving it to give as a Christmas gift. She has started Coaster #2.

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Within Shopping Distance

DH and I were passing near an ACMoore store so I took the opportunity to look for a second purple yarn to go with the Bernat Camouflage from yarn fairy Ann.

681 6-Camo

There wasn’t anything near the blue violet I was hoping for, but I think RHSS ‘Medium Purple’ will do.

696 PrpCamo+

– $1.79 with my one 40% off coupon for the day – Interesting to compare ACMoore’s regular price for RHSS of $2.99 to that of Jo-Ann’s $3.49. Hmmm.

Once in the store, you know I couldn’t help but look around a little. lol

Stitch Studio brand aluminum knitting needles were on sale for 40% off so I grabbed a few ten-inch sets of #7s and #8s. – $1.79 each – Unfortunately, I’m learning that Crochet Corner’s loaner needles and hooks don’t always get returned. oh well –

Then I noticed that some colors of Premier Yarn’s ‘Premier Home cotton BIG’ were marked down from $9.99 to $4.99! – BTW. . . It may be called ‘cotton BIG’ but it’s actually 15% polyester. – With Crochet Corner in mind, I chose ‘Turquoise’, ‘Cotton Candy’ and ‘Yellow’.

696 3 cttns

D. and I could knit alotta dishcloths with this, but I hope that when she sees these 12 to 14 ounce skeins she may feel inspired to knit something a little bigger. . .  maybe a dishtowel!?

While I was busy hunting down bargains, DH did his own bit to help fill out my charity stash (getting low on blues) by using his own 40% coupon to buy a skein of RHSS ‘Blue Suede’, a color I’ve never seen at Jo-Ann’s! pretty.

696 blue-suede

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