Ripple #34 – The Orange and Yellow One

When I went to the attic to look for an orange yarn that would work as the Op Art Granny’s border

689 SALS2-fivefoot

I suddenly realized that my charity stash held an embarrassing amount of orange! It was clear that I should design a primarily orange ripple.

Pumpkins and Gourds. . .

690 BO-full

took care of fifteen ounces of my Brightest Oranges, including an unlabeled 5 oz. skein of orange that came from yarn fairy Sandi of MD.

I noticed that Pop’n Yarn’s ‘Pop Out Yellow’, also from Sandi, is a little heavier than any of the oranges, so I paid close attention to just how many rows I got from an ounce of each yarn and then adjusted my stripe widths accordingly.

690 BO-close

And I still have lots more orange yarn that I can play with. . .  several cakes of an unknown lighter orange, a full skein of Simply Soft from Chrissy of TX, one skein of RHSS ‘Pumpkin’ and another that I think is probably ‘Brilliant Orange’, both from Sandi of MD. I’m sure that as fall approaches I’ll be able to think of more ripples that need orange. Autumn Leaves and Safety Cones (DH’s helpful idea) are the only ones that come to our feeble minds at the moment.

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Changes for the Better

The Salvation Army Store that’s closest to where we live recently advertised that they’ve lowered all their prices. . . “You Asked. We Listened! Check out our New Low Pricing! Clothing From 99¢!” This is Fantastic News as prices were definitely raised when the store moved about a year and a half ago. And now, they also offer a 50% senior discount on everything in the store on Tuesdays, which also happens to be Crochet Corner day. . . you can guess what route I’ll be taking home from now on. lol.

But this new Tuesday discount won’t stop me from stopping by Sal’s other days of the week as well . . . If I’m in the area and can spare the time, you can be sure stop by, cuz you just never know what you might find!

Maybe there will be a brightly colored granny afghan,

689 SALS1-full

five-foot square

689 SALS2-fivefoot

and in beautiful condition, yet priced at only $3.99!

689 SALS3-tag

– I can easily fix the blanket’s one tiny flaw, a single yarn end that got woven in a little too tightly.

689 SALS4-end

Adding a solid orange border. . . that will take me a bit longer. –

And, although it’s been rare lately, there could even be some yarn.

689 SALS5-skns-in

I noticed when the woman who waited on me pointed out the blue stickers* to another clerk. Made me think that they both knew this yarn was way under-priced. Lucky Me to get a pristine skein of ‘Beige’ Lion Brand Pound of Love, still in its original plastic wrapper, and one of what I think is Caron One Pound ‘Persimmon’ for only 99¢ each. Who needs a Sr. discount with prices like that?!

And, there may also be a few fun items that I’ll want to get for the foster kids . . .

like a new coloring book and a set of ten Fisher Price Peek-A-Blocks – all for 99¢.

689 SALS7-toys

The chances of finding thrifty treasures at this particular Sal’s seem to, once again, be good, no matter what day of the week I may visit. :-)

* Sal’s no longer actually shows a price on Bric-a-Brac, Toys or Craft Supplies that are $3.99 or less. Instead, each color of blank sticker represents a different price: Pink means 79¢ or 2/99¢, Blue is 99¢, Yellow $1.99, White $2.99, and Green $3.99.

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Ripple #33 of 2015


Purple Mountains’ Majesty

688 PMM-full vew

does have a little less variegated than the troubled #31,

682-GRL-full view

– 19 rows, instead of 22 –

surely those 3 fewer rows can’t be the only reason why I like it so much more. . .

can it?

Comparing the two ripples, I notice

  • PMM (Purple Mountains’ Majesty) has an all-cool palette,
  • that its variegated yarn has no white and
  • that I used the same color – purple or white – before and after each of its variegated stripes.

All things to remember whenever I want a calm, well-balanced ripple.

688 -PMM-close-up

And to think I did it with only five yarns!. . .

  • an unknown green/blue/purple/blue variegated
  • Wintuk ‘Medium Blue’ from Sandi of MD,
  • some RHSS ‘Spruce’ and ‘Lavender’ from my old stash,
  • and an anonymous white.
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Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Once I’d finished making the patriotic Perler pins for Independence Day,

678 16 ready

I wanted to immediately start a larger project, adapting a cross-stitch pattern to beads. Wandering around on-line looking for a suitable free design, I thought these morning glories looked like a good choice. In the chart’s lower right-hand corner it tells what size the design will turn out when worked on different gauges of Aida cloth – only 3 1/8″ x 4 1/4″ if worked on 14 ct! Quickly counting the chart’s ten-square blocks I figured it would be a littler bigger, about 4″ x 6″, once transferred to my Perler Super Pegboard.

676 superpegbd

But that was before I realized that the blocks of the pegboard grid are only six-squares wide, while the cross-stitch chart’s are ten. Sooo, my morning glories are nearly four times bigger than I at first expected – roughly 9″ x 11″!

687 CSB-done

Aren’t they pretty, though!?!

You can probably tell that I messed around with the original morning glory design. – I didn’t like the tan lines that were radiating from the center of each flower. – That’s one big advantage of working with beads instead of stitches of thread. . . it’s so easy to change out one color for another.

Finished, I realized I had no use for such a large piece, so I treated it much like you would a jigsaw puzzle. . . DH and I enjoyed looking at it for a few days and then I unceremoniously dumped it back in the box.

687 CSB-dumped

For now my Super Pegboard sits empty, waiting for my next “great idea”.

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#32 – A Cool Ripple

686 ICE-closeR

Greys: RHSS ‘Light Grey’, Love Knit ‘Grey’, and an unknown charcoal

Turquoises:  RHSS ‘Aruba Sea’, a gift from Lisa of TN, RHSS ‘Pale Green’, and Sayelle ‘Lt. Turquoise’ from KMart

Plus scraps of black and white

Cool Colors All. . .  perfect for the Hot month of August, right?

Snow and Ice

686 ICE- full view

Rather ironic that we’ve actually needed a comforter these last few nights.

But that’s better than needing a fan or air conditioner!


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Production Report

Just because it’s been a looong time since I’ve written about the washcloths I knit for students in Haiti – last update was Dec. 4, 2014 – doesn’t mean I’ve stopped making them. It just means that I’m much better at creating piles of washcloths than I am at weaving in yarn ends and taking photos!  lol

Let’s start where I left off back in December, about to play with one of the last two colors of cotton yarn remaining from the mixed bag I was given a very long time ago. . .

610 pch:grn9

white/blue/green Sugar ‘n Cream Twists.

0-CTN blueT balls

I decided to try alternating two rows of it with two rows of green from this partial cone  that I found at Sal’s for $2.99.


I liked the results so much that I made six!

685- six grn & twist

I knit these four from a partial cone of a purple and olive combo that I also found at Sal’s.

685 four prpl/greenThere are several more of these to come. Fun to see how each washcloth looks a little different, but I can only handle doing a few at a time of this relatively murky color combination.

I also knit eight pink “tweedy” washcloths from a cotton sweater that I unraveled.

685- eight recycld pink

And I crocheted these two as samples for the ladies at Crochet Corner.

685 two crocheted

Turns out that my two crocheters, B and MP, aren’t the least bit interested in making washcloths or dishcloths.

Ta-Dah!! Twenty more washcloths, ready to go. . .

#24 – 43

685- all twenty

I thought these were all headed to schoolchildren in Haiti but then LA asked if I would like to put some into birthday gift bags for teen foster girls. Sure, why not?! I think I’ll pair the pink ones with vanilla-sweet orchid Yardley soap and the purple/green with lavender-scented – bought on sale at CVS with coupons for just 50¢ a bar. Yayy!!

DH and I are in the process of designing a wrap-around paper label for the washcloths based on this free printable that I found at – There’s also a crochet version. –

I’ll show you the gift packs as soon as we’ve finished!

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Ripple #31 of 2015 – The One With LOTS of Variegated

It was great fun to have so much of a variegated yarn to play with, but I think I may have gone slightly overboard. I wonder how this would have looked if I had exchanged white for some of the variegated rows.

Grandma’s* Hoping for a Girl

682-GRL-full viewMy thanks to Ann of OK for all of the solid-colored yarns in this ripple: RHSS ‘Rose Pink’ and ‘Country Rose’, and Caron Premium ‘Soft Blue’ and ‘Slate Blue’, a very small part of the box of yarns that she gave me last year.


* To be fair, this fictitious crocheting Grandma – not me – did use both pink and blue yarns, but you’ll notice there’s alot more pink! lol

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