#4 – An Early Valentine

Long-Stemmed Roses 


RHSS “Claret”, “Burgundy” and “Magenta”, all gifted by Sandy of DC in October 2015.

745 close

And a very happy Ground Hog Day to everyone!

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#3 (Last Week’s) – A Baby Blankie

744 bbyclose

Used Bernat Baby Sport “Funny Prints” (the variegated) and “Sweet Grass” from yarn fairy Ann of Oklahoma, plus a little white.

744 bby


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They’re a HIT! – or – Old News

I started writing this post back on November 29th.

If you happened to have noticed my Dec. 3rd comment about how both nursing home employees and visitors loved buying our potholders for Christmas gifts – or – my Dec. 10th reference to “S.’s potholder production line”, then you already know that. . .

BIG potholders are a BIG hit in the Crochet Corner!!

B. is working on an all-purple one.


But I think she enjoys selling potholders even more than she enjoys weaving them! I helped her out recently by filling an order for a four-potholder Rainbow table runner 

743 tablerunner

with six matching mug rugs.


More recently, she took orders for six of this color combination, which I call Rainbow-Rainbow. (Colors are more intense IRL.)


With a potholder loom clamped to the table, S. gradually learned how to weave one-handed. She now only needs my help to bind-off. Yay, S.!!

One day it occurred to me to try putting a little rubber mat under her loom. This has helped S. become even more self-sufficient as, unlike the clamps, she can very easily set this up on her own.


Ellen asked for two potholders in the colors of the Italian flag, like the one S. is working on above. This started a chain reaction among staff, resulting in orders for four more, which S. is now in the process of filling.

Here is M., our newest weaver, busily working on her first mug rug.


Notice her fashion-forward footwear, purple socks worn with red shoes, typical of M.’s cheerful style!


D. continues knitting a variegated purple shawl.


Purple potholder, purple socks, purple shawl. Notice a trend?

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Blankie #2


742 SWD-full

No, my feelings for this blanket didn’t influence my choice of name at all. . . Why would you ask such a thing? lol.

So happy that I don’t have to pretend to loooove every one of my blankets!

Every now and then I’ve forced myself to work outside of my color-combo comfort zone. Maybe I went too far this time. – As I worked I thought that although it didn’t look great, it was at least OK. Yet when I laid it out flat, I nearly winced. – It seems appropriate to pull out my old maxim, “Just because I don’t love it, doesn’t mean no one else will.”. . . Feel free to fantasize along with me now about a little foster child whose eyes light up at the sight of “Seaweed”!

Used nearly an entire skein of RHSS ‘Aruba Sea’ and 2 full skeins of Vanna’s Choice ‘Olive’, all from Lisa of TN, about 2 skeins of Sayelle ‘Off-White’ from Sandi of MD and almost all the Antique Gold chenille that remained from a thrift shop sweater DH and I unraveled a looong time ago.

742 SWD-close

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Two Firsts

Man, this blog is so behind! I last wrote about DH and I making potholder looms back on November 24th.

Remember that 12″ frame that I found up in our attic? – the one with the bathtub picture.


Well, before we got it completely turned into a potholder loom I found a smaller wooden frame at Sal’s, 10 3/8″ made of narrow picture molding. – 99¢

We decided the “tub loom” could wait later until later. . . With a flat front and frame width to spare, DH thought he could easily add a thin wooden lip so it can be clamped to a table, which might make it possible for S to weave one-handed without someone having to holding her loom for her!

In the meantime, I was able to turn my “new” frame into a loom, all by myself. Just five easy steps stood between me and a larger potholder loom.

  1. Mark where the 96 one-inch long brads will go, 3/8″ apart with three spots left open at each corner, like the pegs on the plastic looms.
  2. Start nail holes with awl.
  3. Drill pilot holes.
  4. Tap in nails.
  5. Hammer nails in further using another of DH’s custom-made jigs that make it so easy for me to get every nail to be the same height. – Like the one he made for me to use when making the mat loom.

Ta-Dah!. . .

First Large Potholder Loom

741 smaller frame-after

Total cost – $3.00 ($1 for frame, $2 for 96 stainless steel nails) A Fantastic deal when compared with the $24 they want for that PRO loom I found on-line!!

Having already messed around with cutting t-shirt loopers to fit the little plastic potholder loom and the mat loom, I figured I needed loops about 8 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ to go with this one,  which measures 10″ between rows of nails. I cut a few loops from each of several different colored tees, including a couple that are tie-dyed. Fun!

741 in-prog

Ta-Dah!. . .

First Big Potholder

741 ta-dah!

I could hardly wait to show the Crochet Corner ladies!

Knowing how much they enjoy weaving with the little looms, despite having to deal with the exasperation of pre-stretching loops of most brands only to find that many are still too short or barely long enough to go across a loom – which leads to many loud siiiighs – I had the feeling that the combination of soft, generously sized t-shirt loopers and the resulting generously sized potholders was going to be a Big Hit.

And. . .  just think of the color possibilities! I figured if I checked every week Sal’s would supply me with a full rainbow’s spectrum of t-shirt fabric.

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Blankie* #1 of 2016

My first ripple of the New Year was inspired by this one, which was made for Project Linus by Diana, known as “iskydive2” in Ravelry.

740 BYGY-fullOops. DH made that photo smaller than usual.

As long as he was going to redo it, I asked him to brighten the blue a little too.


There’s nothing we can do for the yellow though, which is also a little brighter in real life, playing with it distorts the others, but you get the general idea.

Yarns used: RHSS ‘Paddy Green’ and an unknown yellow, both from Sandi of MD, plus more RHSS from my older stash, ‘Skipper Blue’ and ‘Maize’.

740 BYGY-close

Wow, more than a week has passed since I last wrote! I bet you’re wondering what’s been going on. Well, I started two other posts but, unfortunately, no one finished them for me. lol

No worries, DH and I are fine. I’ll catch you up on all the news, eventually.

*Blankie – Because I’m going to start including every blanket I make in my annual count, whether it’s a ripple, granny, laprobe, baby or handwoven.

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The Last Ripple of 2015 – #52

I chose predominately Red Heart Super Saver yarns (RHSS) for this one, ‘Vibrant Orange’ and ‘Pumpkin’ from Sandi of MD, ‘Spring Green’ from Chrissy of TX and ‘Lemon’ from my own stash, along with an unknown grassy green and some white.

739 YOG-close

Sum – Sum – Summertime

(link goes to the fun two-time hit, “Summertime, Summertime” by the Jamies)

739 YOG-full

Best wishes to everyone for a very Healthy and Happy 2016!

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