#17 A Scrappy Ripple

My boxful of charity acrylic scrap balls is mounded so high, it’s threatening an avalanche! Obviously, it’s time to make some scrappy ripples. Once I sorted the scrap balls into warm, cool, and neutral colors it was much easier for me to decide what my first color combo:

light to medium blues, turquoise, pale greens, grey and white. There’s far more yarn here than I need to make just one ripple, which makes it easier for me to create a striping design.

547 S1-before

My ‘pattern’ is simple, alternating two rows of color(s) with one row of white.

547 s1-close-up

I must give DH credit for this very appropriate name. We’re expecting four inches of rain as I write this post.

Spring Rain

547 S1-full view

This is what yarn I had left afterward.

547 S1-afterRather than throw it back into the scrap boxes, I’m going to use this mix as the beginning point for my next scrap ripple design. Should be fun!

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Carrot Bags

I found CUTE carrot covered goody bags at Dollar Tree for this year’s Easter crayons. They’re smaller than the sandwich bags that I used last year, yet still big enough to hold six Easter Egg crayons of assorted colors and a bunny crayon, either brown or black and white.

548 eggs, bunnies, carrot bags

I’m so glad that I found these smaller sized bunny molds on sale last year, as I don’t think my old larger sized bunnies would have fit!

After filling the carrot bags comes tagging. I hand write simple labels on pieces of unlined 3×5 cards, then punch a hole, tie on a bit of crochet cotton, put a short piece of pipe cleaner through the string loop and twist it around the neck of a crayon-filled bag.

548 tagging Easter crayons

Each step goes quickly and before you know it. . .

you have over 40 Carrot Bags filled with Easter Crayons for young foster children. Yay!

548 48 done!

It feels great to have turned unwanted crayons into these fresh new shapes. You can learn more about how I recycle crayons with Jello, candy and muffin molds by clicking on ‘Recycling Crayons’ under ‘Categories’ over on the right.

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#16 Derivative

A few color sequences within last week’s Joseph’s Coat Ripple are especially eye-catching to me. I picked these four stripes as a starting point for my next ripple.

549 attic seq

Had to switch to a lighter/brighter pink to have enough for two-row stripes. I also needed to use more yellow and purple, so I played around with stripe widths.

547 Easter - close-up

Yikes! Lesson Learned. . .

Easter Colors

549 Easter full view

what looks fine in a four-stripe section might not look quite as good when spread across an entire blanket, especially after a little tinkering.

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More ‘End of Winter’

Winter garments were again half-off at Sal’s and all winter accessories were 99¢! I knew chances were slim that I’d find anything I wanted but figured it wouldn’t take long to have a look.

I tried on several pieces, but only kept this cute little greenish-grey vest. I can forgive the rather meh color because I love shawl collars and especially like the way this one so smoothly merges into the extra-wide ribbed buttonband. I like the vest’s interesting overall stitch pattern too.

546 cute vest

But I’m not in love with that button.

I can live with how large it is; – I understand that Big Buttons are in. -  it’s the Lavender of it – so not my color – and the Shininess that I don’t care for. I’ll probably find a better one among those that I’ve saved from sweaters I’ve unravel.

At check-out I learned that the store manager doesn’t consider short-sleeved sweaters and vests as “Winter Garments”, so no discount for me. – boo-hoo. – That’s about as upset as I could get since I was buying a pristine Dress Barn sweater vest that fits me perfectly, for $3.99!

546 vest tags

I also found a 99¢ winter scarf for DH. It’s lambswool/angora. yum!

546 tan scarf

It will replace the darker tan lambswool scarf that I knit DH for Christmas of 2008. It has s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, getting much longer and narrower over the years. It’s now only four inches across at the center!

546 2 scarvesOf course, I’m going to unravel the old scarf. I wonder what the yarn will become in its next life! – Life #1 Thrift Shop Sweater – #2 DH’s Scarf – #3 ??

DH and I have already unraveled last week’s thrifty acrylic yarn finds. We did the green variegated sweater first as I was looking forward to making a ripple with it.

546 green ombre

Unfortunately, the only green in my stash that looks good with it happens to be a fine chenille. No, I will not crochet most of a blanket with double-stranded chenille. That would be Tooooo Sloooooow! This yarn will just have to wait in stash for a little while.

I expect that I’ll have an easier time finding color companions for the rainbow variegated from the scarf. The dark green that it came with is a good start. – And I know what you’re thinking; no, this dark green doesn’t go well with the green ombre above. lol. How I wish that it did! -

546 rainbw and greenFunny, none of the little balls exactly match the green of the large one. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who resorts to using tiny scraps in order to finish a project.

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#15 Lucy’s Ripple

Lucy, author of the Attic24 blog, has a wonderful way of creating cheerful combinations of many different colors. I fell in love with this particular combo in one of this February’s posts. I think came close to matching it, more or less, with yarns from my charity stash.

What Fun!!

545 attic close

A non-repeating stripe design like this seems to take a lot longer because I have to stop crocheting every once in a while to choose colors for the next several stripes. But I bet some of my more complicated repeating designs take as long to plan; It’s just that all of their design time comes up front, so once I pick up my hook I can crochet without stopping.

In the end all the matters is the wonderful results. . .

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors

545 attic full view

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The End of Winter

My local Salvation Army store celebrated the End of Winter with an unannounced sale. With the 50% mark down on all winter clothing and accessories, I was extra thorough as I swept through the racks, yet I found nothing for DH! I thought of him as I fingered a fine Italian merino scarf, but decided he didn’t really need a second brown striped one. I did buy three other scarves though. Whee! They’re all of synthetic fibers but, at these low, low prices, I don’t mind.

I tried to imagine how this black and white striped one would look with my Red winter coat.

542 black/white striped scarf

Pretty good I think.

542 coat and scarf

I’ve already removed the ratty fringe and worn it once. HEhe, just $2.00.

By the way, that coat came from Sal’s too. I got it a few weeks ago. It happened to have the right color of tag for that particular day’s 50% sale. $5.50 plus dry cleaning.

I love its funky buttons!

542 red buttons

This solid red scarf might be very soft brushed wool, $1.50. I offered it to DH, thinking it would look good with his dark coat, but he says it’s Too Bright for him.

542 red scarfThat’s alright. I have a charcoal vest it’ll look Great with!

Yarn in skein form has been very rare at Sal’s lately. Luckily, yarn also comes in scarf and sweater forms! I bought this third scarf, hand knit of a strand of solid green held with a strand rainbow variegated, for the 12 ounces of yarn, $2.00.

542 vrgtd scarf

I’ll be unraveling this sweater too, $2.50 for 14 ounces. Neither of these were great deals for acrylic yarn, but both pieces are in pristine condition and it is variegated yarn, which I know costs more.

542 vrgtd sweater

I almost missed this green boiled wool jacket.

542 green jacket

I saw it last week but hadn’t bothered to try it on because I thought it was Grey and I have plenty of Grey sweaters. But the other day when I pulled it out to show a friend, I suddenly realized that it’s Green! Luckily she didn’t want it because it fits me perfectly! Unbelievably, it was only $3.99 to start with, so $2.00 on sale.

This incredibly soft sweater is of 70% lambswool/ 20 Angora and 10% nylon.

542 green sweater

I picked it out thinking ‘more worsted weight yarn for house socks’ but as I chatted about my ongoing sock project with two women waiting for the dressing room, I decided that I will remove the cowl neck intact and sew the lower sleeves and cuffs into fingerless mitts for a matching set that might look really good with my ‘new’ darker green jacket! The sweater body alone will provide more than enough yarn for socks, even for DH’s big ole feet. lol. $2.00

$2.00 for scrumptious cowl, fingerless mitts and yarn – Yee Ha!!

Thrifty Total (winter coat purchased earlier not included): $12.00

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#13 & 14 Two Blue Fleeces

The pre-hemmed plaid blanket came out looking great!

544 PLD full viewI used my usual pattern for its crocheted border.

544 PLD close-upThe machine hemming gives the back a more finished look than the rolled raw edge that my blankets usually have. Even so, I will NOT be hemming all my fleeces before I add borders!

544 PLD front and back

I thought I’d really hit the jackpot when I discovered that my second blue fleece, a snowflake one that I so want to finish and pass on before the few remaining drifts of snow have melted, was also machine hemmed! But on closer examination I found that, not only was every edge wavy and two of its corners more swish shaped than square, it also had a Dark Brown SPOT! – Sorry, didn’t think to take pics to share. – Luckily the spot was only a couple of inches in from the edge. Yay! I didn’t even try to wash it out; I just trimmed it away along with the wavy hem.

No one will ever suspect the problems this fleece once had.

543 snowflakes fleece


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