Granny Kit #2

Remember the pink and white granny squares that Karen of MA made? – two strips, each with seven squares, and ten loose squares.

643 4-more sqs

I briefly considered using a 7 x 11 layout until I realized that would mean making fifty-three more squares! (77 – 24 = 53) So I’m going with a 6 x 9 layout, instead, like I used for ‘A Bold Variegated Granny’, which means I that only need to make thirty. (6 x 9 = 54 – 24 = 30) Yay!

I may already have enough pink yarns, thanks to Karen’s generosity.

643 5-yarns for more sqs

But the small ball of white I have left after doing the Variegated Granny’s zig-zag join is definitely not going to be enough for 30 squares! Having noticed that Karen used a few different shades of white,

658 one ball of white

I gathered from stash what I hope will be more-than-enough.

658 white yarns

But before I start crocheting the new squares – looking forward to playing with all those Pretty Pinks! – I’m going to weave in the 264 yarn ends peeking out of Karen’s squares. (264 = 24 sqs x 10 (5 rounds x 2 ends each) + 24 on seams between squares) – ugh. –

Listening to a book on cd is sure to help the job go more quickly.

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#20 – Inspired by. . .

Manel’s “Pastels”.

I fell in love with the colors when I came across it in Ravelry months ago. Checking my stash recently, I was delighted to find that I had enough yarns of similar colors to make a ripple version.

Made use of the light purple from that XXXL chenille sweater yet again, along with three other chenille yarns, all from thrifty sweaters, and some Famous Makers’ Odd Lots pale rose,

657 yarns

plus several creamy whites, including Caron dazzleaire ‘White’ and some acrylic “mohair”, all of which had to be carefully inspected by Emily

657 yrns+whE

before she would let me pick up my hook.

657 close

Of lighter weight and a little smaller than usual, this would be a very nice summer blanket for a foster baby.

Lilac Season

657 full-size

I think having ends that match makes it feel a little less “scrappy”. Must remember this idea for future scrap ripples.

657 end

Who knew that photographing ripples could be dangerous? This is what happened a split second after I got up from smoothing out this week’s ripple in preparation for its photo session. . . BAM!!

657 ladder

Being aluminum, our step-ladder isn’t heavy, but it sure has alotta sharp corners. gulp. Must remember. . . on gusty days set the ladder far away until I’m about to use it.

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From Stash

22,000 other Ravelers have already knit a Clapotis, a free shawl/scarf pattern published in 2004. I guess this means I’m a little behind the fashion curve, but that’s nothing new. lol. There are now many versions to choose from, including the Clapochet, which is crocheted, but I’m going to stick with the original.

I’m using yarn from stash, Queensland Collection ‘Uluru’, – the fuzzy green – a fingering weight yarn of 55% cotton / 25% acrylic / 19% poly, which I got at a LYS’ going-out-of-business sale last fall. – $6.00

606 1 haul #1

I found only this one example of a Clapotis knit from Uluru. I know this fuzzy yarn is not the best choice for a pattern that features columns of dropped stitches, but here I go, ready for whatever the consequence.

656 CLAP underway

This yarn is delightful! I feel like I’m knitting air.

Clapotis Tips that I found through Ravelry:

  • Pattern just says to slip the first stitch on all rows except Row #1. I know that usually means to slip as if to purl, but, having read many Ravelry project notes, I decided to slip as to purl on the RS and slip as to K on the wrong side. Bad idea. Took me awhile to realize the “slip as to P edge” looks so much better than the “slip as to K” one. But I’m not going to switch now because an abrupt change would be obvious. Maybe things will look better after blocking. Maybe I’ll add a crochet slip stitch edging? ?

Out of curiosity, I turned to “the web” to see what it had to say about slipping the first stitch. My findings? – quite confusing.

There are those who agree with the pattern. . .

Slip the first stitch of every row as if to purl, with no mention of where the yarn should lie.

Those who agree – but say to also knit the last stitch of every row.

But then there are those who say to – Slip the first of every row as if to purl, with the yarn in front – which is normal while purling – and knit the last stitch.

While others said to – Slip the first of every row as if to purl with the yarn in back.

Then you have those who say to – Slip the first of every row as if to purl, but with the yarn in back when on the knit side and in front when on the purl.

And finally, – only because I quit looking for any others – Slip the first stitch as if to knit when on the knit side and as if to purl on the purl side.


While doing that search, I came across this thorough explanation, with photos, of why we’re to twist the stitches next to those we drop, which I found to be Very Interesting. – scroll down to the part titled “To Twist or Not to Twist (Stitches) – Makes me think that if I ever make another Clapotis I should “do the twist” on its’ front and back.

There’s also a section entitled “Making a Clapotis Swatch”. . .

Yeah, that would have been a good idea! lol

Returning to my list of Tips, here are the ones that worked well:

  • On the right side, P the stitches that will be dropped later and on the wrong side, K them. This eliminates the need for markers. Such a Clever Idea – Yay!
  • While the pattern, which calls for an aran-weight yarn, has you increase up to 107 sts, I stopped after only 71 sts for a more scarf/less wrap version. That’s 4 1/2 repeats of the increase section.
  • At the end of the increase section weigh how much yarn is left and figure out how much has been used. – 12 grams in my case – I must remember to stop the straight section with at least that much yarn remaining for the decrease section.
  • On Row 8 of the straight section, “K this and foll st tbl” does not mean to K those 2 sts together tbl, but to knit 2 sts in a row tbl.
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At Last. . .

the 2015 Tag Sale Season has begun!

I got twenty-four ounces of ‘Baby Yellow’ Caron Sayelle, some knitted up, some in skeins, for just $2.00 – the equivalent of 58¢ per 7-ounce skein. YAY!!

655 27-oz. of yellow

Some of my other finds are already on their way to foster children:

  • 8 stuffed animals, Beanie Baby size or a little larger – 25 to 50¢ each
  • 3 five-inch metal Tonka trucks – 25¢ each
  • 5 new-in-bag foam puzzles, similar to this one – all 5 for $1.00

DH’s best find was a 6-foot aluminum stepladder, in very good condition, for $5.00!

While mine was a solar-powered fountain, which looks quite a bit like this one, for $2.00. Although I seriously doubt that it can process 53 gallons per hour, I hope it will create enough water sound to attract more birds to our yard.

Less significant, but still great finds:

  • bag of 42 plastic Easter eggs – 10¢
  • crib-sized quilt batting – 50¢
  • Solar Shield spring-loaded clip-on sunglasses of the same shape as my prescription glasses (about $15 at Walgreens) – 25¢
  • sealed bottle of Avon Skin-so-Soft lotion – 50¢
  • 2 bottles Bath & Body Works bath gel – 50¢ each – (discovered that we both love the smell of Dreamy Vanilla Woods! But the Cool Citrus Basil?. . . not so much. So I’ll pass it on.)
  • set of drill bits – 50¢

Other recent deals on yarn came from Big Box Stores, not tag sales. At Savers I got:

655 Savers' haul

  • three 7-ounce skeins of RHSS ‘Perfect Pink’ for $4.49
  • 13 ounces of RHSS ‘Soft Navy’-  $2.99
  • three 7-ounce skeins of RHSS ‘Pale Yellow’ – $4.49
  • which is about $1.50 per 7 ounce skein

There were also bags with just two skeins, priced at $3.99. Which would you buy? lol

And at A.C. Moore I got. . .

655 RHSS 'Soft White'

  • one 7-ounce skein of RHSS ‘Soft White’, with a 40% off coupon – $1.79

Although those 29¢ per skein savings at Savers did add up, even better was being able to buy so many at once! Only one coupon per day per customer is allowed at A.C. Moore or Michaels. And, although I can use multiple coupons on regularly priced items at JoAnns, she’s had RHSS “on sale”, for as little as 20¢ off, for weeks and weeks and weeks! :-P

Lastly, a short tale about a completely unrelated thrifty find. . .

When I dropped a pile of large print Word Search books off at the nursing home’s central desk last week, – about 15¢ each at Sal’s – I asked if there was anything else that they would like me to watch for at tag sales/thrift shops and the nurse immediately asked for a toddler’s shapes game, great for helping seniors’ regain hand-eye coordination and general motor skills.

655 shapes game

Fisher-Price, missing one block – Thrilled to have found this at Savers on my very next visit. – $2.99.

655 shapes

These go for $9.97 at WalMart, so Yay!

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Ripple #19 of 2015 – To Satisfy My Sweet Tooth

Can you ever have too much cotton candy? I think not.

I went with a simpler design using only three colors this time.

654 CC2-close

Cotton Candy II

654 CC2-full view

and the original. . .

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An Ideal Finish

It turns out that RHSS ‘Soft White’ is a very close match to the white in Karen’s granny squares. Luckily, I had most of a skein in stash, more than enough to start on a simple border with one round each dc and hdc. By the time I’d finished those two rounds I knew that I wanted to do just one more hdc round, in RED.

Funny that Karen also happened to provide just the right shade, Sayelle ‘Devil Red’.

653 border

what an ideal finish


A Boldly Variegated Granny

653 full-view

Next up – ‘A Pink and White Granny’.

643 4-more sqs

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Ripple #18 – A 70’s Flashback

This is where the remainder of the RHSS “Coral” from yarn fairy Lisa of TN has gone.

652 TT-close

– Just two weeks ago I used a bunch of it in ‘Clown Fishy’. – I also included an anonymous brown, a vintage brown/rust/cream variegated, which was part of a fall 2011 haul from Savers’,

173D savers - variegated yarns

and two ecrus. The ecru with the slightly peach cast is “Peach Sherbert”, a 100% DuPont Acrylic from Zayre’s.

Time Travel

652 TT-full

I cannot believe that I forgot to put a two-row stripe of brown on the other end. Even more unbelievable, I didn’t even notice it was missing until I laid the ripple out to take these photos!

Maybe that means no one else will notice either. – phfft! – Fat Chance of that. lol

Oh, and I thought you might like to see what I made back in 2012 with the rest of that brown/rust/cream variegated. . .

‘That 70’s Ripple’.

258 That 70's Ripple

Funny to discover that I had designed both with two strong bands down the middle!

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