Sweet Treats

Last Thursday’s mail brought more yarn to replenish my charity stash. Even if I hadn’t received an e-mail about its impending arrival I would have known the box came from yarn fairy Sandi of MD because of the unique return address label.

“So much yarn, so little time.” – How True! lol

I giggled with glee when I discovered Sandi had set all the skeins of yarn on end so they look like generously iced cupcakes, or, considering DH and my preference, cups of swirled soft-serve ice cream! yum.

633 ST 30 skeins

What next caught my attention, and probably yours, was the variegated yarn in the corner.

633 2 skeins vrgtd

The neighboring skein of RHSS ‘Shocking Pink’ matches perfectly and I think I have an appropriate shade of blue and/or orange upstairs. cool.

633 ST vrgtds+PINK

With all the yarn that has passed through my hands in the past few years I’m surprised that I’ve never met this particular RHSS variegated before; it’s called ‘Black Light’.

633 ST Black Light

I’m grateful for every one of my 30 beautiful ‘new’ skeins as this is the fuel the ripple machine runs on. – Thank You so Much, Sandi!  – But I’m especially happy to have received some more neutrals, as I never seem to have enough of them.

633 ST neutrals

Although not the typical ‘happy’ colors that we associate with young children, neutrals are have a big impact on the colors around them. Imagine this week’s ripple without the black, tan and/or cream.

632 IND full view

There are a few more RHSS colors in the box: ‘Light Raspberry’, ‘Cornmeal’, and ‘Paddy Green’. The rest of the skeins are either unlabeled or have older names like Frank’s, KMart, Good Neighbor and Caron, which are all brands of Wintuk, or Malina and Dawn, which are both Sayelle. Thankfully, for both me and the kids, there seems to be an endless supply of these long discontinued yarns out in the world!

P.S. Sandi shared a very special newspaper article that I think you’ll enjoy reading. It celebrates the tenth anniversary of ‘Hugs and Stitches’, the charity craft group Sandi founded. Starting with just four members, the group now has over 30 and in the past year alone donated over 2000 handmade items to various local agencies. Impressive, to say the least. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Sandi! We raise our hooks in a salute.

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#9 – Indecision

I had hard time deciding on a striping design for this week’s ripple. As you can see by my scribbled notes, what’s usually a quick rather intuitive process for me just went on. . . and on!

632 IND-charts

Sigh. All I wanted to do was show off an I Love This Yarn! variegated called ‘Retro Modern Ombre’, which Chrissy of TX sent me. IMHO, few variegated yarns look as good when used in multiple rows as in single rows, but this particular one looks lovely both ways!

632 IND close-up

I’m so glad that I persevered; I’m very happy with my final plan’s results.

Retro Modern Ombre

632 IND full view

You’ve probably heard of “snow angels”.  Maybe you’ve even made some. But have you ever seen a “snow ripple” before?  lol

632 IND snow ripple The rest of the yarns: one full skein of RHSS ‘Cafe Latte’ from Lisa of TN, ‘Federal Blue’ Sayelle and a second very similar-looking blue, which I think is RHSS ‘Country Blue’, plus a little ecru.

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#8 – A Long Time Coming

I have finally gotten around to using this pretty yarn combo, which I put together last August on the day Lisa’s Big box of yarn arrived.

579 3 yarnsThe RHSS ‘Amethyst’ and ‘Real Teal’ that she sent me beautifully match the variegated, a long time resident of my charity stash.

I just added a little of Vanna’s Choice ‘Wild Berry’ (also from Lisa) and some black to make . . .

Northern Lights

631 NLT full viewVery pretty, IMHO, but not very accurate – see the yarn photo above for real colors.

I have enough of the variegated left to accent one or two more ripples! cool.

631 NLT close-up

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Staying In

Friday, 10 a.m. and the temperature had only risen to 0° F!

630 0 degrees

A very good reason to stay home.

A second good reason, I was expecting a FedEx delivery – After spending a recent snow day sorting her stash, one of my dear blog readers, Karen of MA, generously offered to share some of her extras!

630 1-box on porch

0° weather is hardly suitable for the extended photo shoot I was expecting from such a large box, so I quickly moved indoors and dumped everything out on the bed. Oooo – So many delicious colors!

630 2 yarn spill

Immediately I wondered – what’s in that bag?. . . Why, zillions of cute little scrap balls.

630 3b peek-in-bag

About a pound and a half of them! Into my scrap box they’ll go, for future granny afghans.

630 5 little scrapballs

Meanwhile, Emily has been busy exploring. For some reason a large handrolled ball of light orange has her undivided attention,

630 3a Emily

while the one huge skein of Caron One Pound ‘Taupe’ grabbed mine.

630 4a Caron one-pound

– Wow, Karen got a Great Deal on this! –

630 4b pricetag

Next I gathered up all the rainbow variegated, RHSS ‘Mexicana’, so I could weigh it.

630 6 rainbow

Two pounds! . . .this could be the beginning of a new ripple series.

And there’s a wonderful variety of other variegateds too.

630 7 other vrgtds

Knowing that I’ll make at least one ripple with each, these skeins and balls represent many blankets for foster kids!

Next, let’s check out the beautiful array of solids:

reds – from orange-red to burgundy,

630 8 redspastels,

630 9 pastels


630 10 neutrals

and beautifully luminous greens.

630 11 greens

There are also a few Misc. Treasures: royal blue and red mohair, black embroidery floss, and four cute little skeins of fingering weight yarn; the red ones are nylon, often used to reinforce handknit socks, and the other two are wool.

630 12 misc

Altogether, about twelve pounds of ‘new’ yarns for my charity stash. . .

630 13 twelve-pounds

an instantaneous cure for cabin fever. Thank You!, to my newest yarn fairy, Karen.

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#7 – Lemons

What can you do with eighteen ounces of lemony yellow scraps?

629 LMN-scrapsAdd a few lemony yellow partial skeins

629 LMN-+prtlsknsand a little sugary white. Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

Fresh Lemonade

629 LMN-full-ishAccent: double-row stripes of orange-yellow about twelve rows in from each end

Overall Striping Pattern: Two or three single-row yellow stripes for every double-row yellow stripe and about every eighth row is white.

629 LMN-close

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Ripple #6 – Inspired by. . .

this cute scarf.

628 SCRF adNot that I couldn’t have made a great-looking ripple anyway, but I thought it pretty cool that, in my stash, I found great matches for all five colors!

628 yarnWhen my newest ripple was ready for its photo shoot, I walked around our snow-covered yard looking for the best spot. There was too much shade next to the snow-blown path that heads round the east side of our house to the birdfeeders.

628 shadows

But it was fun to see all the cute birdie tracks where the trail starts to bend!

628 traxI asked DH. He said that he did not spill or sprinkle any sunflower seeds so far away from the feeders, so I suspect this is where the juncos come to picnic.

On the west side of the house there was plenty of sun, – As proof, that’s my shadow, at the bottom of the bottom of the photo. – but far too many Big Lumps of snow!

628 lumpy

Ah HA!! – Next to the driveway. . . the perfect place, both flat AND in full sun.

628 wide view

I knew that my usual perch of an old wooden desk chair wouldn’t get me high enough off the ground to shoot photos of a blanket atop twenty-four inches of snow.

No, for this job I needed a far more specialized piece of photographic equipment. lol

628 ladder

Yikes! – the powdery snow really clings to the backside of a ripple. Fortunately, the weather has remained cold and dry since the last snowfall, so one quick shake was all it took to remove it.

628 powder

I crocheted this blanket’s two-row stripes in the same order as those of the scarf.

628 close

The yarns I used: a purple chenille unraveled from a thrifty sweater, RHSS ‘Tea Leaf, plus the ‘Light Raspberry’ and ‘Turqua’ sent by Lisa of TN, and ‘White’ I Love This Yarn! from Chrissy of TX.

Thanks so much for your help, once again, kind Yarn Fairies!

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#5 – The Third and Last

For my last Caron One Pound ripple, I combined the second skein of ‘Espresso’ and the ‘Cape Cod Blue’ left from ‘Asymmetry’ with a highly textured yarn from ancient stash. I vaguely remember getting it as a mill end at JoAnns.

627 yarnI love the way it looks with the two solids!

627 CUD closeTogether they made an extra cuddly blanket, perfect for the extra cold weather we’ve had lately.


627 CUD full viewI don’t mind an overnight low of 15ºF, but that’s the forecast for today’s high!


Grocery shopping and haircut can wait for a milder day. I prefer to spend the rest of afternoon crocheting in the sun, assuming that Emily will share her sunbeam.

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