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#50 – A Halloween Ripple

I recently got a skein of orange yarn at Sal’s for 99 cents. Of course, at this time of year orange makes me think of Halloween. And Halloween makes me think of. . . Candy Corn Please don’t misunderstand. I … Continue reading

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Our corner of Connecticut was hit by frost the other night and this set off a frenzy of fall cleaning. My list of chores is loong with things like switching out window screens and fans for storm windows. . . … Continue reading

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#48 and 49 – Two Brights

Sometimes simple is best. A plain RED fleece with a rainbow border. And for the train enthusiast who loves Red and Purple – I do hope there is one! – we have this fun combo. Two cheerful blankets sure to … Continue reading

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Although I’m having great fun weaving on my Saori loom, I’m also anxious to finish this step so I can move on to sewing. You see, as soon as the end of the warp that came wound on the loom … Continue reading

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Cherry Raisins?

It’s late in the season but our cherry tomatoes are still producing far more than we can eat fresh. Dehydrating worked so well for peaches; I’m going to try it on the extras. I’ll let you know how they taste.

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#47 – October’s Ripple

I sort of ‘cheated’. lol. I pulled some colors from both of the Yarn Fairy combos that I arranged and showed you earlier. I yanked just one skein of the Caron Perfect Match ‘Lilac’ from the combo on the left, … Continue reading

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A Hurried Halloween Project… and Some Free Yarn

Late in September I started making Halloween crayon sets for the foster kids. I figured I had lots of time; I planned to deliver them to the library some time in early October. But then I got an email asking … Continue reading

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Introducing Erica

I’m anxious to start weaving on one of my Erica rigid heddle looms. At 25″ inches, Erica is the widest model in my collection. I wonder what it will be like to wield such a looong heddle. I’m almost done … Continue reading

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#45 and 46 – Autumn Fleeces

You never know quite what you’re getting when you buy a wrapped remnant. Fortunately, almost every time I’ve opened one I’ve found a flawless piece that I got at a bargain price. Yay! But once in a while you discover … Continue reading

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#43 and 44 – Seeing Double

What a FUN fleece print! I don’t remember exactly where I got such a BIG piece of fleece, probably at Savers. It certainly wasn’t a remnant at JoAnns, because it was big enough to make TWO 33 x 56″ kids’ … Continue reading

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