#47 – October’s Ripple

I sort of ‘cheated’. lol.

I pulled some colors from both of the Yarn Fairy combos that I arranged and showed you earlier.

475 lvndr:grey475 Purples and Pinks

I yanked just one skein of the Caron Perfect Match ‘Lilac’ from the combo on the left, but I used all but the darkest purple and the very light variegated from all the yarns on the right.

With the help of some Vanna’s Choice ‘White’ and a couple of ounces of Sayelle ‘Iris’, – that’s right, Seven skeins of yarn in all! – I came up with this.

489 close-up


I like October’s ripple very, Very much!!

Sweet Dreams

489 flat

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10 Responses to #47 – October’s Ripple

  1. Verneta says:

    W O W !!!!!

  2. Kathy says:

    Very pretty! The color reminds me of Black Raspberry Ice cream!
    Kathy 🙂

    • Ooooo – your comment reminds me of how good Black Raspberry and Mango ice cream taste together!
      Friendly’s, a New England company, makes both flavors. Yummmmmm.

      Peach, pink and purple. . . that would make a pretty ripple.

  3. tiniree says:

    It is lovely, but please, don’t get Linda started on berries of any kind, LOL!

    • Have no worries; Sweet Dreams is not the start of a Berry Ripple Series! HAha.

      • tiniree says:

        Geez, never even thought of that, LOL! I was referring to all those lovely berries you got to pick this year. Those darn posts made my mouth just water something fierce.

      • I was sort of referring to the berries I picked too, by promising that I won’t go on and on with Berry Ripples like I did with Berry Picking Posts! LOL.

        BTW – I’m still getting a pint +/- of golden raspberries per picking, which is every second or third day. They’ll keep going until we get a hard frost! But we need more warm sunny days and fewer hornets for them to be ‘picture worthy’. The hornets were nice enough to stay away all summer, which was very fortunate with the big peach harvest, but for some reason they can’t resist even pale raspberries now! Nibble, nibble, nibble.

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