Little Ripple of the Week #9 – His Favorite Colors

I wasn’t going to show you this, the last little ripple in my stash, because it’s such a dreary color combination, especially for this time of year. But then I thought about how it seemed rather dishonest not to share every ripple with you and, besides, each of us know men who are very happy with these colors any day of the year!

10,168 stitches – 841,411 donated since Jan. 2011

Just 31″ x 48″, a gentleman at the nursing home can enjoy this little ripple as a warm lap robe. Bingo, anyone? (My lap robes are given as Bingo prizes at a monthly party there.)

Here it is in a carefully color-coordinated setting! lol.

And for those who prefer an even more rustic look:

Too bad… even in the close-up you can’t really see the tweed yarn DH likes so much. It’s probably Red Heart Super Saver Buff Fleck. He thinks this little afghan’s color scheme is “Great!” (told ya) and is very happy that I didn’t include any bright white yarn in it.

I appreciate a man who knows what he likes!

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4 Responses to Little Ripple of the Week #9 – His Favorite Colors

  1. I really like it! What an honor that your ripples are so PRIZED!

  2. Edith says:

    I like it too, I love browns and cream/white together, very smart!

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