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Lucy. . . Dinner’s Ready!

Finished crocheting pretend food Saturday evening, which left us one day to work on the labels DH had already started. We did pretty good! DH printed the last one at around 7:30 Sunday night. He delivered our “Build – A … Continue reading

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Ripple #11 – Summer Skies

This color combination reminds me of the wide open skies that I grew up with in the mid-west. I remember watching puffy white clouds sail from one horizon to the other on hot breezy summer days. What a lovely visual … Continue reading

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Border Trials

Having finished joining the rest of my Mini Scrap Granny’s squares, I moved right on to the blanket’s border. The first round is simple granny clusters worked in the same green yarn as I used for the blanket’s background, Red … Continue reading

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2013 Ripple of the Week #1 – Rare Peachy! Tiger

This is the second ripple I’ve made with the peach yarn I harvested from a $1.50 thrift store find. The first was Peach Melba. Peachy! Tiger is rather shocking in comparison. Its wide stripes seem to move about in a … Continue reading

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2012 Ripple of the Week #45 – Mountain Range at Sunrise

I haven’t often made a ripple with so many dark colors in it! There’s RHSS ‘Coffee’, an unknown solid burgundy yarn and a unique deep maroon chenille (next to the white) with tiny flecks of green, rose, purple and yellow. … Continue reading

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2012 Ripple #44 – Bobble-less One

This is the first ripple I’ve made with the three pounds of rosy yarn I harvested from the very heavily bobbled sweater from whence this new ripple series, which shall have no bobbles, gets its silly name, ‘Bobble-less’. I Like … Continue reading

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Mini-Scrap Progress

I’m happy to report that not only do I have the minimum of 150 granny squares finished, 75 each of one-round and two-round squares, that I need for a ten square by fifteen square granny afghan, but I have many … Continue reading

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