Coupon Commotion

Coupon Commotion was the name of last week’s sale at JoAnn Fabrics. I cut coupons from the flyer that came in the mail and more from the newspaper flyer. I had expected to print out even more on Sunday morning, the first day of the sale, so I was disappointed not to find any waiting in my emailbox. For some reason they weren’t sent until 11 a.m., long after I’d left on my adventure. sigh.

Somehow I managed to be satisfied with my small fistful of twelve 40 and 50% off coupons. HAha ha.

I did get to print out a ‘20% off Everything’ coupon from Big Lots though. There just happens to be a Big Lots store in the same plaza as JoAnns and Michaels, and another in the next town over. With coupons, shopping list and map in hand, I looked forward to a fun day of bargain shopping. DH was at a weekend business conference, so I had no reason to hurry home.

I hit the RHSS display at JoAnns first and found a new color of yarn there, Lemon! What a pleasing light yellow, falling somewhere between RHSS Pale Yellow and Bright Yellow.

I also got one skein each of my old favorites (top left to bottom right): Tea Leaf, Real Teal, Coffee, Baby Pink, Carrot, Cherry Red, Turqua, there’s the new Lemon, and Pumpkin. ($1.50 each at 50% off) Oh, JoAnns didn’t have any Teal, that came from Michaels. Unfortunately Michaels only lets you use one coupon per person per day or I would have gotten some Aruba Sea too. Mmmm, pretty pretty Aruba.

I didn’t find any Magenta at either store, which I really wanted, or the new Coral, but I’m happy with the colors that I did find. They fill holes in my charity yarn stash rainbow.

The sign saying all knitting and crochet books were 40% off took me by surprise! For some reason I hadn’t noticed that particular sale mentioned in the flyers. I chatted with another shopper, also named Linda, as we looked through books. She wanted an easy crochet afghan pattern so I couldn’t help but mention my free Wriggly Ripple pattern. tee hee. I had fun telling her about Ravelry too; she had never heard of it!

I rather gushed over the book, Knit Noro: Accessories, which gave me the idea to knit a striped infinity scarf/cowl with Lion Brand’s Amazing, a worsted weight 53% wool/47% acrylic blend. I bought two skeins in the Glacier Bay colorway. It was clearance priced at $3.97, which is about 40% off the regular price.

Click here to see how all thirteen different Amazing colorways look knitted up. I imagine that I will alternate stripes of Glacier Bay with those of a solid yarn from my stash. These projects in Ravelry, jtkoontz’s Winter’s Wardrobe and elevenfifteen’s 46 degrees, gave me some interesting striping ideas. I wonder how Glacier would look striped with black?!

I’m also sorely tempted to just copy this beautiful shawl, knitted from just two skeins!

I always look for knitting and crochet books over by the sewing patterns as well as by the yarn. I got rather giddy while looking through a crochet book ($11.00 at 50% off  – yeah, I hadn’t expected the computer to apply one of my 50% off coupons to a book on sale. Thank you computer! You saved me an additional $2.20, enough to buy another skein and a half of RHSS! lol).

If I’d considered only the book’s title, Totally Simple Crochet, I may not have bothered to look through it, but something about this cover photo caught my eye…

and when I opened the book to this page… Oh. My.

Ignore those lovely fingerless mitts, if you can, and really LOOK at the scarf that’s under them!!

I madly flipped through the rest of the book looking for the scarf’s pattern. I was starting to think they’d played a cruel trick on me, that it was only a part of the staging for the fingerless mitt photo, when I finally found the Flower Scarf pattern…

hiding just one page before the mitts! lol.

These dainty flowers are only 1 1/4″ in diameter when crocheted with two strands of lace weight yarn held together and a size C hook. Well… at least they’re joined as you go, which will speed things up a little! lol

Think of all the different color combinations of flower petals and centers you can create if you use nine colors of yarn as the pattern suggests! I imagine this scarf would be beautiful crocheted from a color-changing sock yarn too. I think that would be about the same thickness as two strands of lace and there would be far fewer ends to weave in.

Oh, the ideas this pattern gives me!!

I may have to make a summer scarf/shawl first as I’d love to see a single-color one made from crochet cotton!

I looked for more by the book’s author/designer, Tove Fevang, and discovered her blog. It’s written in Norwegian, so I’m thankful for Google translator! I look forward to getting better acquainted with Tove’s work.

Okay, okay, back to JoAnns and my treasure hunt.

I think this hand-carved turtle button ($2.48 at 50% off) will be a fun accent for my ‘new’ purse. I hope it’s not too close of a match in color. Do you remember when I got the purse at Savers?

I still had some coupons left so I went to look at knitting needles next. I recently read about knitting socks on a nine-inch circular. I want to try this technique cuz it sounds faster than knitting with dpns. I thought there was little chance of finding such a specialty item at JoAnns, but… there they were… Clover #1 nine-inch bamboo circs! ($7.50 at 50% off) HaPpY HaPpY HaPpY DaNcE!!

With such dainty tapered bamboo tips, I must remember to keep them out of Emily’s reach – one good chomp – Mmmm, crunchy munch! – and that would be the end of my new circs!! lol

I must admit, my stop at Big Lots was a Big Letdown after all the surprises at JoAnns.

The yarn inventory at the first Big Lots looked to be the same as when I visited a couple of months ago, a small mix of mediocre colors. I’d been hoping for so much more having read about other people’s wonderful Big Lots yarn finds here in Ravelry. I was especially hoping for wool sock yarns. sigh.

The display at the second Big Lots was even more pathetic.

Ah, but there’s always next time!

And I did find some great bargains at Big Lots, albeit grocery bargains: several cans of Progresso Black Bean Jalapeno Soup for 40¢ each, Nutrisystem’s Black Bean Tortilla Soup for 16¢ a cup and a couple of bags of tantalizingly flavored tortilla chips.

All in all I’d say it was a very satisfying shopping spree, made even better with coupons!

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18 Responses to Coupon Commotion

  1. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    Wow Linda, I felt like I was right along with you on your shopping trip!!! You made out like a bandit! Nothing gets much better than shopping for crochet stuff!!!! (OK, I’ll include knitting stuff too!!!) I don’t know if you have an I-phone, but there’s an app for Joann’s and you can get the coupons on there. My friend just hooked me up with that.

    Have a great day, my friend!!

    • Good Morning Ally!
      And what a Lovely Morning it is, cool and clear with a soft breeze… aaaaah; it’s quite a change from the hazy humidity we’ve had lately. I’m enjoying it so much I even weeded half of the asparagus bed after I picked the blueberries and raspberries!

      Thanks for ‘shopping’ with me – it’s always more fun when you share your finds with a friend.

      I knew about the app, but, no, I don’t have an I-phone. I managed to buy everything on my list with discounts anyway, except for the missing Magenta. 🙂

  2. Crochet says:

    I’m jealous lol!!!! That was a great shopping spree…..

    • I’d love to hear about your last good haul – since you crochet, I’m sure you’ve had some! 🙂

      Do you shop at JoAnns too?

      • Crochet says:

        I buy thread mostly and yes I love JoAnn. I have yet to master the coupons, but I’m a fast learner. 🙂

      • I loooove the mixture of colors you’re using for your Big Bag! Makes me want to add to my crochet thread collection – maybe the next time I have a fistful of JoAnn coupons. 🙂

        If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to the JoAnn mailings (email and regular) here.

      • Crochet says:

        thx, great idea…

      • Allyson Gilcrease says:

        I used to be a Chapter Coordinator for Project Linus and Joann’s gave us a 10% off card to use when buying stuff for PL. I never used mine, so can’t tell you if it’s 10% off PLUS the amount of your coupon, or if it was just the 10% off. It might be worth asking them.

      • I went to Joann’s website to find out about getting a discount card. Unfortunately, the charity that I work with isn’t an ‘official’ 501(c)(3) non-profit, so doesn’t qualify. 😦

        But some of my dear readers may qualify as a charity or under one of the other categories –

        “If you are a reseller, member of a professional sewing or crafting organization, or an interior design professional, you can become a Jo-Ann VIP! As a Jo-Ann VIP, you’ll save 10% on every total purchase*, including regular- and sale-priced items, at any Jo-Ann store or at®.”

        So, thanks for passing on this great idea!

        Teachers can get a 25% discount during JoAnn’s Teacher Appreciation Days, Aug. 11 & 12, 2012!! – sorry, not available on-line – Just take your teacher I.D. and your photo driver’s license or I.D. with you to the store.

        Following that lead I read here that teachers, home school educators and early childhood professionals can also enroll for a JoAnns discount card and theirs is for 15% off.

        “*Some exclusions apply. See card for details.”

      • I also found the answer to your question of whether the discount card “is 10% off PLUS the amount of your coupon, or if it was just the 10% off”.

        It occurred to me to check the fine print on one of JoAnn’s coupons. It’s as I expected – “Cannot be combined with any other discount or coupon.” sigh. But at least now we know.

      • Crochet says:

        I doubt they will give 10% plus coupon, since they don’t like combining coupons…

  3. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    Poop, oh well, we tried!!

  4. Margo says:

    Love your finds. I am getting frustrated with Michaels in my area (Auburn Hills, MI). They are very restrictive with use of coupons – one per visit per customer. Joanne’s is much more generous and I can bundle a lot of the coupons.

    • I agree that JoAnn’s is Very Generous! YAY!
      I only go to Michaels cuz it’s in the same plaza as JoAnn’s and usually has some other colors of RHSS.

      • In an email Margo replied

        ” They also have Impeccable which I love and I think it is “their” exclusive brand.
        Impeccable has some awesome stripes.
        Here I have the two stores about 1 miles from each other in two locations (i.e. – two Michaels and two Joanne’s). I can get to any of the stores easily.
        However, for the most part I am trying to get down my stash – (but you know what yarn does at night). ”

        And I answered

        ” Awesome stripes, eh? I haven’t noticed here Impeccable recently… I should check it out the next time I’m there.

        Michaels has added a new yarn called “Craftsmart”. People in Ravelry have been chatting about it… sounds like it may have some interesting new variegated color-combos!

        You are Blessed!! My next closest JoAnn’s and Michaels stores are in a town 30 miles away! And that particular JoAnns restricts coupons just like Michaels!! :S

        ‘What yarn does at night’ – the heat of our attic seems to slow that down… at least a little. lol. “

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