Ripple #34 – The Orange and Yellow One

When I went to the attic to look for an orange yarn that would work as the Op Art Granny’s border

689 SALS2-fivefoot

I suddenly realized that my charity stash held an embarrassing amount of orange! It was clear that I should design a primarily orange ripple.

Pumpkins and Gourds. . .

690 BO-full

took care of fifteen ounces of my Brightest Oranges, including an unlabeled 5 oz. skein of orange that came from yarn fairy Sandi of MD.

I noticed that Pop’n Yarn’s ‘Pop Out Yellow’, also from Sandi, is a little heavier than any of the oranges, so I paid close attention to just how many rows I got from an ounce of each yarn and then adjusted my stripe widths accordingly.

690 BO-close

And I still have lots more orange yarn that I can play with. . .  several cakes of an unknown lighter orange, a full skein of Simply Soft from Chrissy of TX, one skein of RHSS ‘Pumpkin’ and another that I think is probably ‘Brilliant Orange’, both from Sandi of MD. I’m sure that as fall approaches I’ll be able to think of more ripples that need orange. Autumn Leaves and Safety Cones (DH’s helpful idea) are the only ones that come to our feeble minds at the moment.

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3 Responses to Ripple #34 – The Orange and Yellow One

  1. AnnB says:

    Hunter orange theme, citrus sodas. And with purple and black you have Halloween. Orange and yellow=candy corn, orange poppy fields with black (centers) green foliage, orange and cream=sherbet and vanilla cups or popsicles. Rainbows have orange, or crayon colors to use up small amounts. See a new box of crayons and color the afghan starting in one corner of the box and work each color as shown from left to right, down and left or however you like.
    I’m sure you both came up with many more after you posted this. Have fun!

  2. sillia says:

    Pumpkins and Gourds is a great theme, and it’s beautiful! I have trouble with orange, but it is one of the colors that sunflowers can come in, so it has its’ uses in my prairie palette. AnnB’s sherbet idea is fun–orange and cream, yum!

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