More Yarn for French Countries

While at JoAnns I came across TLC Essentials in “Light Celery”, a rather unusual shade of green. It was clearance priced at $1.00, pardon me, make that 97¢, for a 6 oz. skein. Why, I’ve paid that much for yarn at tag sales! I bought it, hoping, hoping, hoping it would coordinate with my remaining six skeins of Red Heart Soft “French Country”.

Although, as you can see, the green looks brighter or duller, depending on the light, the two yarns do look great together! Happy, happy, happy dance!!

This influx of new yarn has spurred me on! It’s time to begin French Country Ripple Trois!

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7 Responses to More Yarn for French Countries

  1. shabby boots says:

    I think the colors look perfect together! Good eye!

  2. I’m so happy for you! Isn’t it fun to find the unexpected?

  3. Linda says:

    RBUTKA62 commented in Ravelry September 16, 2011 at 7:10 AM

    She said: “Nice clearance yarn,you did great!”

    I replied: “Oh, you surprised me! It’s the first time that anyone’s left a comment on my stash page!

    I was so pleased; this was the Perfect find for my french country ripples! 🙂

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