2013 Ripple of Week #12 – Plum Pudding

‘Plum Pudding’ is the name of this RHSS variegated yarn, which one of my beloved yarn fairies recently contributed to my charity stash.

407A 4 skeins variegated yarn

Luckily I have plenty of different pink and purple solids that I can combine with it, so I figure I’ll make at least three, maybe even four, ripples showcasing ‘Plum Pudding’! For my first I chose RHSS ‘Orchid’ and ‘Light Fuchsia’ as well as a deep purple, Bernat Berella #8996, which was part of a recent haul from Sal’s.

419 close-up

I had intended to alternate bands of lilac and deep purple, but then I discovered how the dark purple makes the single variegated rows Pop! I thought since I have several more skeins of the deep purple yarn – yay! – I’d just add some narrow deep purple bands and subtract a few wide lilac ones! Of course this required drawing up a new striping plan – sigh – cuz I had to make sure I would still have enough of the ‘Light Fuchsia’ yarn, but, hey!, I’m used to doing a little extra work after making such an impetuous change. lol.

I think ‘Plum Pudding’ is also a great name for my newest ripple. Here it is fresh off the hook with yarn ends still dangling.

419 Plum Pudding - just finshed

And in its Ta-Dah!! pose. . .

419 full view

Love it, love it, love it!

I can hardly wait to see how ‘Plum Pudding, Parts 2, 3 & possibly 4’ come out, but making even two pink/purple ripples in a row, let alone three or four!, would be mean to the foster boys. lol.

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5 Responses to 2013 Ripple of Week #12 – Plum Pudding

  1. Mara says:

    Love this one! The lavender zings.

  2. Gorgeous! Love this color combo

  3. Oooh, this one is extra lovely. I am huge fan of purples!

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