Ripple #18 – A 70’s Flashback

This is where the remainder of the RHSS “Coral” from yarn fairy Lisa of TN has gone.

652 TT-close

– Just two weeks ago I used a bunch of it in ‘Clown Fishy’. – I also included an anonymous brown, a vintage brown/rust/cream variegated, which was part of a fall 2011 haul from Savers’,

173D savers - variegated yarns

and two ecrus. The ecru with the slightly peach cast is “Peach Sherbert”, a 100% DuPont Acrylic from Zayre’s.

Time Travel

652 TT-full

I cannot believe that I forgot to put a two-row stripe of brown on the other end. Even more unbelievable, I didn’t even notice it was missing until I laid the ripple out to take these photos!

Maybe that means no one else will notice either. – phfft! – Fat Chance of that. lol

Oh, and I thought you might like to see what I made back in 2012 with the rest of that brown/rust/cream variegated. . .

‘That 70’s Ripple’.

258 That 70's Ripple

Funny to discover that I had designed both with two strong bands down the middle!

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2 Responses to Ripple #18 – A 70’s Flashback

  1. Sharon says:

    Works of art! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. BettyLou says:

    Both blankets are beautiful as usual and I didn’t see your “unplanned design” until you pointed it out. Early in my quilting days I made a small quilt, hand quilted and didn’t see the mistake until I took a photo, the camera never lies. I call it my “oops quilt.”

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