2012 Ripple of the Week #45 – Mountain Range at Sunrise

I haven’t often made a ripple with so many dark colors in it! There’s RHSS ‘Coffee’, an unknown solid burgundy yarn and a unique deep maroon chenille (next to the white) with tiny flecks of green, rose, purple and yellow. I unraveled that one from a thrift store sweater a looong time ago.

I think I successfully balanced the Dark mountains with the Bright sunrise colors – American Thread’s ‘Burnt Orange’, a vintage variegated yarn by Wintuk called ‘Orange Ombre’ and some unknown sunny golden-yellow.

12,234 stitches – 1,259,905 donated since Jan. 2011

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8 Responses to 2012 Ripple of the Week #45 – Mountain Range at Sunrise

  1. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    I like this one, Linda!! It’s got Halloween colors in it! I LOVE when I come to read my emails and get to see one of your creations. It starts my day off right! Have a great one my friend!!

    • That’s funny! It didn’t even occur to me. . . but there’s definitely some candy corn/pumpkin colors in there. Quite likely a black cat lurks in those murky/spooky shadows! ^..^
      Would you like to suggest a new name for it?

      I feel the same way about your cheery comments, Allyson – they always make me smile! 😀

  2. mrsrooster says:

    Love it!! Yes, it is Halloweeny!!

  3. jacekica says:

    I like it very much, colours are darker, but you combine them wonderfully. Very very nice blanket, and totally for this time of year

  4. I love the earthly look of these colors.

  5. If no one has another suggestion, how about Spooky Delight or Autumn Delight?

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